Famous Author Reveals Biblical Prophecies That Pushed Him Over the Tipping Point from Skeptic to Believer


Writer David Limbaugh lately said during an appearance on The Church Boys podcast that messianic prophecies in the Old Testament he believes were afterwards carried through in the New Testament put together brought him over the tipping point from skeptic to believer.

It was these particular details about Jesus that The Emmaus Code, Limbaugh, author of a brand new publication titled, found so powerful that he leapt headfirst into the Christian religion, believing that what was prophesied

Something that got me to believer and blew me away was the astonishing messianic prophecies which were executed in such specificity, he said. Micah 5:2 the prophet Micah in the Old Testament called the real city of Jesus !. Delivery, Bethlehem

He went to mention Psalms 22 and Isaiah 53 describing his belief that reading the poetry would lead individuals to be blown away with the detail

Christs life, resurrection and death is shown, is called, he said, going to mention particular prophesies. No bones will be broken, hell be falsely accused, he can stand quiet in the face of his accusers, he’ll be ridiculed and scorned and mocked, his robe … theyll gamble for his robe and his clothing. Hell be crucified combined with the sinners, the transgressors.

Limbaugh said that all these details are foreshadowed since becoming a Christian that he’s constantly found consistently powerful.

Hes expecting The Emmaus Code a name that comes from a narrative told in the Bible in Luke 24 will help show readers the foundational significance of the Old Testament, which he described as part one of a two-action play.

The thing I actually need to do … will be to rekindle an interest in the Old Testament with readers who might be intimidated by it or put off by it, believing its not as much a part of the Bible as the New Testament, which it undoubtedly is, Limbaugh said. Get them to read it and get an improved handle on it … and then return and read the Bible itself after you’ve these thoughts described to you personally.

He noted that you will find arcane names, dates, locations, genealogies and historical stories that can be difficult to wrap ones mind about when asked why some Christians might have a tendency to downplay or shy away from the Old Testament. But he considers the Old Testament is equally as significant as the New Testament, and dedicates two chapters to helping recap the history in in his novel.

I would like to help ease other individuals learning and comprehension of the Old Testament, Limbaugh told The Church Boys. I go through not only the Old Testament history, but I reveal how foundationally significant [ it ] is, then I discuss those as each of the groups and reveal all the topics and prefigurings, foreshadowings of Christ.

He continued, Then I move to the genuine books of the Bible and give a summary of each of those before turning to the Christ-centeredness and reveal how … Christ is present in each and every one of those Old Testament books.

Jesus storyline is one which is woven into the whole biblical narrative, Limbaugh claims, noting that he considers Gods redemptive strategy can be viewed as way back as Genesis. Read more about The Emmaus Codehere.



Written By: Billy Hallowell