Watch A 60-Year-Old Gandad Drink His Beer With No Hands In Mind Boggling Video

Are you aware it is possible to join yoga and beer? No neither did we until we saw this unbelievable video.

A 60-year old guy from Oregon, USA get his own yoga abilities to the test on Thanksgiving to show to his family he could drink without using his hands a beer that has been set on his brow.

The video was posted online with the name ‘Beer Yoga with Granddude’ with his stepdaughter going to clarify: “My 60 year old step father told us he could put a beer on his head and drink it without using his hands or arms…;..We did’t consider him but he absolutely killed it.”

The 60 is seen by the mind boggling video -year old guy bending and contorting his body so that you can get a glass, which is 3/4 full with beer ,

See it here for yourself:

After successfully transferring the full glass from his head to his knees and afterwards to the flooring his step daughter can be head saying: “Oh yeah, you’ve got this,”

With the pint glass on the earth, the prodigy guy chug the beer down in one and can pick it up.

The video finishes with the family observing with among the family members saying: “Finest Thanksgiving yet,” before a woman passes of a towel and says: “That’s my boy.”

The 3 minute clip was seen over 12 million times since being uploaded onto Facebook.

After the clip being seen the guy on the movie determined to thank the man who taught him the striking party trick a long time past.

He said: “‘Thanks for teaching this pub trick back in 1974 to Bud Nevers he wrote. He promised to have done it using a pitcher of beer. I considered him.’