These Fast & Furious Stares Will Get You Pumped for Fast 7

Angry 7 (rushed to/sped previous other films to be/was the most angry to be) number one at the box office this weekend. If you’ven’t seen it, or other films in America’s most cherished franchise, do yourself a favor and get recognizable.

You understand these films involved being super mad and going quick, but do you realize each picture is around 1/3 extreme staring? Let me take you on an experience in many emotions it is possible to share with a look that is simple.

Sweaty Stare

Sweaty Stare

You will never believe until you see the Rock do anything a guy could sweat this much. Walking, gently endangering a man, eating a sammie. You will need to bring antiperspirant into the theatre.

The Evasive Triple Staredown

The Elusive Triple Staredown

This looks intimidating until you understand they are really looking at an IKEA cupboard they can not figure out how to assemble

The “What’s Up I am Active Holding a Firearm Sideways”

The "What

Why have you been interrupting Gal Gadot when she is active determining whether to shoot at someone?

Heading to Tokyo to Drift Stare

Heading to Tokyo to Drift Stare

What came first: Tokyo floating or Mario Kart floating? We may never understand

The I am About to Crash Into a Post

The I

Keep your eyes on the road. It is about road security, if Fast and Furious is about anything.

The “I Know What I am Doing”

The "I Know What I

Ever since Tim “the Toolman” Taylor, guys have now been assuring folks they understand the best way to manage tools. Folks that are stare down until they believe you.

The “If I Get Upset the Auto Goes Faster”


If you get angry your automobile goes 10 MPH quicker are you aware? But that is only when you can find a way to get as angry as Vin Diesel does.

The First Hot Staredown

The Original Sexy Staredown

Girls enjoy it when you stare at them and not where you are driving? Cause that means you are super assured? Make sure before trying this to get a tire alignment.

The We Used to Be Buddies But I’ve Amnesia Now and You Hate My Ex Boyfriend

The We Used to Be Friends But I Have Amnesia Now and You Hate My Ex-Boyfriend

Yep, occasionally Quick & Furious gets this complex

BONUS: The Rock Bound 20 Feet in the Air to Hit a Man in the Face

BONUS: The Rock Jumping 20 Feet in the Air to Punch a Dude in the Face

I do not understand what to do for you if you are not pumped for Furious 7 yet. Take a look at a theatre in your area!