Teen Sets Out For A Swim, Rescues 20 Stranded Hikers Instead

Because of a teenager who only needed to go swimming, more than 20 hikers were rescued Sunday from among the wettest spots on earth.


15, Sonny Boiser, was on his way to appreciate an evening drop at a swimming hole near Kauais Blue Hole hiking trail found in the second-wettest place on Earth when he heard voices shouting for help.

Boiser, who’d parked his car went to inquire.

What he saw startled him: There were 20 hikers stranded on another side with raging water of a stream that had flooded, according to local paper The Garden Island.

It looked like Boiser arrived Micah Phillips, out of nowhere – among the stranded hikers, Lam, told The Huffington Post. You shouldve seen the look [when he saw us].

Waialeale Waimea canyon

The hiking trail to the Blue Hole can be found at the base of Mount Waialeale on the island of Kauai, where it rains an estimated average of 450 inches annually.

Phillips-Lam three of his buddies and were on their way back from a seven-hour hike to the Blue Hole when the light, occasional rain before turned into a significant downpour was experienced by them.

By time they reached the streams they walked through before in the day, they discovered that they had been overtaken by a flash flood.

There was giant logs and this brownish running water going Phillips-Lam, downstream told HuffPost. We didnt need to take our risks.

The hikers were compelled to walk through dense jungle in the dark. During their trek, they bumped into another group of lost hikers who joined them in their own hunt for a way out.

Collectively, the closing stream that caused the trail head was finally discovered by the group of more than 20 hikers but they still had to wait the flood out.

We were and we only needed to move out of there, Phillips Lam said, but we couldnt everything was becoming swept away in its course and because the water was raging.

Thats when Boiser seemed.

He was seen by the group, Phillips Lam remembered, and all of a sudden we began calling for help.


This dirt road leads to the hiking trail into the foundation of Mt. Waialeale on the island of Kauai, near the site where Boiser saved the hikers.

Boiser worked rapidly to get them safely

Fortunately, among the stranded hikers had a rope, so they really thrown the other end to Boiser, who subsequently tied the rope and tied one end of it into a tree. Boiser placed his truck to keep the rope tight across the water and, one by one, the hikers made their way

Some people nearly eased, Sam Phillips said. One girl nearly got swept away.

Despite the powerfully moving water, the hikers all made it safely . One hiker gave $20 to Boiser to thank him for the saving, in accordance with The Garden Island.

It was a wild experience. We got fortunate, Phillips Lam said. [Boiser is] a child that is truly trendy.


The Garden Island.