Flying Girl Plays With Demon: REAL Levitation, Demon, Witches & Witchcraft

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Trey Smith continues to be known for his many videos exposing Nephilim Giants, UFO, Fallen Angels and more. He could be a YouTube sense and now he’s createdwhat I believeto be among his most powerful videos about a levitating girl.

Here is what he says in his YouTube comments:

Flying / Levitating Girl Plays with a Devil: In this set of assessed clips you may discover actual devils captured on tape, some of actual witches…… and an actual flying girl (at minimum). Additionally, notice the way the devil (devils) captured on tape seem stunning similar to small ufo / extraterrestrial beings captured on tape (or extraterrestrial beings in ufo footage / ufo alien drawings).

Flying Girl / Levitating Girl Some indicate the picture is that of a Flying humanoid and Flying Nephilim (some kind of humanoid hybrid)

The Flying Girl (Levitating girl) and her mom are believed by many to be actual witches, performing actual occult, and actual witchcraft in the footage. Therefore, the symptom of the actual devils captured on tape (and maybe even Satan himself found on tape? Who understands).

Levitating / Flying girl footage is assessed by Trey Smith (creator of the God in a Nutshell job). Also, the devil devils captured on tape were found by Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell video editors whilst working on (and sorting through actual occult / actual witchcraft or actual ufo and actual alien footage from throughout the world.

That is the first footage shot by the dog walker

Here is the breakage video by Trey Smith