21 Of The Most Cringe-Worthy Mom Fails That’ll Have You Calling The Child Services Hotline ASAP

Dr. Phil DoesN’t Approve

Dr. Phil Does Not Approve

Seem, some mothers simply decide to be more of a buddy than a mom.

Or perhaps they simply were not prepared to be mothers?

Or perhaps they simply should happen to be sterilized?

Okay, that is a bit unpleasant. But scrolling by means of this gallery will force you to be be extremely happy that this really isn’t how your mother acts. Well, perhaps she does. And if so, you will feel comforted in knowing you are not alone in having a mother who only…. only neglects at being a mother.

1. This mother whose children only really value for so long they were breastfed.

This mom whose kids just really appreciate that they were breastfed for so long.

Actually, they are still being breastfed. They are only catching dinner.

2. I really don’t have any words because of this.

I honestly have no words for this.

Okay, I ‘ve a few: Give the child to me, and head around to Planned Parenthood for an eternity supply of birth control. Thanks.

3. This mother who has her priorities superb right.

This mom who has her priorities super straight.

Slurpees > Infants. Duh.

4. This mother who’s simply sending a selfie to a few “girlfriends” (men. all men) to see whether that bikini will probably be worth purchasing.

This mom who is just sending a selfie to a few

Her son’s reaction is mine, too.

5. This mother who has set the bar (post?) high for her baby daughter.

This mom who has set the bar (pole?) high for her infant daughter.

Plus she is a little too close to that factory outlet…

6. Wait for it… Wait for this. Did you read it, yet?

Wait for it... Wait for it. Did you read it, yet?


7. This mother who only believes her daughter is foiiiine.

This mom who just thinks her daughter is so foiiiine.

Oh, mother. Embarrassment match on point.

8. There is something by your leg.


I believe it is your kid… You know, that matter you should be taking care of.

9. “Hey, baby, do these fishnets seem great?”


“Come take an image of momma for her Tinder profile.”

10. This mother who… Okay, I actually have no words.

This mom who... Okay, I really have no words.

How difficult could it be to not try this around your children?

This mother who’s 8 MONTHS PREGNANT. STILL GOT IT.

This mom who is <em>8 MONTHS PREGNANT. STILL GOT IT.</em>

Some folks are into this. To each their own!

11. A little too much.

A little too much.

Perhaps he is assessing for lumps in her, like an excellent son does.

12. This mother who also must hire a babysitter.

This mom who also needs to hire a babysitter.

He does not need to shop with you.

13. This mother who feels like her pre- baby is back and she must share that with the world.

This mom who feels like her pre-baby booty is back and she must share that with the world.

Or a selfie was being taken by her and this happened by injury.

14. This mother who believes gun control laws are only so stupid!

This mom who thinks gun control laws are just so silly!

There is no explanation here.

15. This mother who’s superb health-conscious and completely hanging out at the perfect areas.

This mom who is super health-conscious and totally hanging out at the right spots.

Perhaps she is only bringing it to someone? MAYBE??

16. This mother who actually understands the way to load a child into a stroller the interesting manner!

This mom who really knows how to load a kid into a stroller the <em>fun</em> way!

Perhaps she only… found him? Perhaps he was flying through the air and this can be really NOT the worst thing ever and a saving?

17. This mother who is actually only attempting to make some extra cash. Precedence.

This mom who

Then it is like someone is taking up a machine if she puts the child on a seat.

18. And this mother. Perhaps with the father.

And this mom. Maybe with the dad.

I believe it is time to call child protective services, although I don’t have any thought.

19. This mother who better be pouring apple juice down that beer bong.

This mom who <em>better</em> be pouring apple juice down that beer bong.

There is no method to check however.

20. This mother who just cannot be troubled to shove her son on his cycle.

This mom who simply cannot be bothered to <em>push</em> her son on his bicycle.

There’s nothing safe relating to this.

21. This mother who only wants her infant to chill out, guy.

This mom who just wants her baby to chill out, man.

800 4 A CHILD is actually the number it is possible to phone to report something in this way!