15 Hilarious Times Scott Disick Completely Owned The Kardashians

Although the Kardashians are essentially and attractiveness, hair, relationship life aims to millions around the world, you must acknowledge they undoubtedly go above their stations in a while.

From Kim’s first world problems to Kourtney’s perspective, Lord Disick was constantly there to give the reality check they deserved – and my god was it uproarious… to the girls;

You only understood that each time he featured in KUWTK it’d be pure comedy gold; and we should honour his unbelievable one liners, whilst he may not be on our displays as much because of his break up with Kourtney.

So prepare yourself for the Kardashian daughters being put by some supreme throwbacks of Scott Disick truly and well within their position…;

1. When Kris Favoured Oprah Over Her Newborn Grandchild


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