This Man Thinks Hes Getting An Apple Watch But He Couldnt Be More Wrong

Weve seen some rather remarkable pregnancy statements over the years but this one has got to top the lot.

That is the heartwarming instant a guy found out he was going to be a father after him surprised with a pregnancy test disguised as an Apple Watch.

The guy, whose birthday it’s, can be seen being told by his partner to keep his eyes closely closed and sitting on the edge of his bed.


His wife says: This is something special that is hiding in plain sight for a short time. But I got you something that I needed us in order to share collectively as she passes him a rectangular white box with packaging that was exceptionally easy.

Without thinking the patient guy says Oh, is? we suppose referring to the Apple Watch.

Seconds after this occurs…

The guy is visible on camera beginning to sob hysterically and after that opening the program to discover a positive pregnancy test.


The video concludes with the wife declaring the couple, who are presumed to be from America, are anticipating an infant.