The Rabbis Speak Out : The 130 Year Record of Religious Jewish Opposition to Zionism


The Jews have always been religious people who lived with belief and trust in the Almighty. In their long history, they have gone through many different periods. There were times when they had their own land, sanctioned by the command of the Almighty. At other times, such as in the current era, they have been in exile.

In the course of the two thousand years of this current exile, following the destruction of the Temple, Jews have remained faithful to the Almighty. Knowing that their exile was His will and His decree, they have always accepted it, and have not risen up to fight with other nations or dominate them. They have lived loyally under whatever governments they happened to live.

The past century has seen the rise of the Zionist philosophy, which transforms Judaism from a religion to a nationalism, from spirituality to materialism. (The word Zion was used by the prophets as a name for Jerusalem. The secular nationalists borrowed the name for their movement, whose goal was to take over Jerusalem.) The Zionists convinced a segment of world Jewry to leave behind their faith in the Almighty, not to trust in His security, and to take matters into their own hands. They forced their way out of exile and built a Jewish state. This act in itself was a severe violation of the Torah, which forbids Jews to found their own state before the coming of the messiah.


The act is doubly sinful when we consider that they founded their state in the land already inhabited by the Palestinian people. They cruelly expelled, murdered and persecuted the Palestinians, and stole their land all terrible crimes in the eyes of the Torah.

Zionism, starting from its founding day in the year 1897, aroused sharp condemnation from all the Rabbis, both in Palestine and around the world. All of religious Jewry was united in its opposition to this dangerous new movement, and fought it fiercely. The result was that Zionism took hold almost exclusively among non-religious Jews. And were it not for the tremendous downfall of Jewry in the Second World War, Zionism could never have conquered any part of religious Jewry. In the War, which preceded the establishment of the Zionist state by only a few years, the Jewish people was torn to pieces and lost almost all its greatest Rabbinical leaders. Many Jews lost their faith and felt defenseless and vulnerable, and they were taken in by the Zionists promises to defend the Jewish people.

In this publication, we bring some excerpts from words of the Rabbis of past and present generations on Zionism. These are the Rabbis, giants of Judaism, by whose light religious Jews walk to this day. As the reader will see, they were totally opposed to the ideology of Zionism, the existence of the State of Israel, the Zionists and all of their acts.
We must note that many of the rabbis quoted here lived before the founding of the Zionist state, and although the Zionists even then had a long record of cruelty and brutality to the Palestinians, their intentions and actions were not widely known.

In fact, the Zionists took care to present themselves as a movement to purchase land and settle in Palestine, not as a movement to make wars with other peoples and displace them. Therefore, the rabbis of that period focused their opposition on the Zionists violations of the Torah and their rebellion against the Almightys decree of exile.

Even in the period after 1948, the Zionists crimes against the indigenous people of Palestine received almost no coverage in the international media and thus most of the Rabbis did not know about them. In the State of Israel itself, the Zionists understandably did not want to arouse public opinion and therefore their media, for many years, did not report on the plight of the Palestinian people; they forcibly blacked out any coverage of their own atrocities. It has only been in the last two or three decades, starting approximately with the Lebanon War of 1982, that the Western world has gained an awareness of these issues. This awareness is reflected in the words of the Rabbis of the most recent period.


We hope and wait for the day when the Almightys glory will be revealed, the earth will be full of knowledge of the Almighty (Isaiah 11:9) and the Almighty will be king over all the earth (Zachariah 14:9). Then there will be a spiritual revolution in the entire world, and the Almighty will redeem all Peoples, as we say in our prayers, All the nations will become one organization to do Your will with their whole heart. And in the words of the Psalms (102:23), Nations and governments will gather together to serve the Almighty. May it be soon, in our days, amen.

Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin, rabbi of Brisk,Lithuaniaand later rabbi of Jerusalem (1817-1878)

The greatest rabbis should gather immediately and excommunicate the Zionists. They should exclude them from the Jewish people by forbidding their bread, their wine and intermarriage with them. (Mara Dara Yisroel v. 2 p. 43)

Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, rabbi of Frankfort, Germany (18081888)

During the reign of Hadrian when the uprising led by Bar Kochba proved a disastrous error, it became essential that the Jewish people be reminded for all times of an important, essential fact, namely that (the people of) Israel must never again attempt to restore its national independence by its own power; it was to entrust its future as a nation solely to Divine Providence. (Commentary on the Prayerbook, p. 703)

We mourn over that which brought about that destruction (of the Temple), we take to heart the harshness we have encountered in our years of wandering as the chastisement of a father, imposed on us for our improvement, and we mourn the lack of observance of Torah which that ruin has brought about. . . This destruction obliges us to allow our longing for the far away land to express itself only in mourning, in wishing and hoping; and only through the honest fulfillment of all Jewish duties to await the realization of this hope. But it forbids us to strive for the reunion or possession of the land by any but spiritual means. (Horeb, p. 461)

Rabbi Yechiel, Rebbe of Alexander,Poland(c. 1833-1893)

This entire idea of establishing a state is a decree of forced apostasy upon us, G-d spare us. (Oros Rabboseinu p. 16)

Rabbi Yerucham Yehuda Leib Perelmann of Minsk,Russia (1835-1896)

G-d forbid, a person must not allow himself or his children to join the defiled Zionists, for their feet run to do evil and their place is a place of defilement. (Tzavaas Abba 10:20)

Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga Halberstam,Rebbe of Shinova, Galicia (1811-1899)

When a doctor from Yereslav came to him to influence him to support the Zionist movement, he said to him, I dont want to know you. I dont want to know your money. King David said, I will fight with those who rebel against You. With the utmost hatred I hate them (Psalms 139:21-22). (Mishkenos Haroim p. 198)

Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Rabinowitz,Rebbe of Monastritch, Ukraine

He was one of the first of the Chassidic Rebbes of Ukraine to see the danger posed to Torah observance by the ideology and activities of this movement… He took a leading role in explaining to them and others what would be likely to happen as a result of the spreading of Zionism. (Divrei Yehoshua, Biography of the Author)

Rabbi Chaim Yaakov Naftali Zilberberg,rabbi in Warsaw, Poland

We have already shown that there has never been such a misfortune as Zionism and there never will be again. (Introduction to Daas Harabbanim, 1902, p. 22)

Imagine how it will be if, G-d forbid, the idea of Zionism becomes a reality. Then the sinners will be kings, the troublemakers will be high officials, and the young snakes will be leaders. Then your enemies will rule over you! (Introduction to Daas Harabbanim, 1902)

Rabbi Pinchas Eliyahu Rothenberg,rabbi of Piltz, Russia (c. 1902)

There is a new group calling itself Chovevei Tzion or Zionists who entrap many people in their net, who think that their actions are for the sake of Heaven. I therefore find myself obligated to make known and warn all those who have fear of G-d in their hearts to stay as far as possible from them, and to uproot and cleanse away their actions… All the great rabbis of our time have already warned us to keep away from them, and it is a great deed for anyone who has the power to spoil their plans. (Daas Harabbanim, letter 4)

Rabbi Yerachmiel Yishaya Mintzberg,rabbi of Likova, Russia (c. 1902)

One must not join them in any manner, and it is proper to stay far from them and their people.
Even if His Majesty the Sultan of Turkey, or all the rulers of all the countries, decide to give permission to the people of G-d to go to their land and their inheritance, the land of their fathers, the Holy Land, as the second redemption proceeded in the time of Ezra we say that if the redemption does not come from the Almighty

Redeemer Himself, as in the Exodus from Egypt, then G-d does not desire it, and this is not the path to the true redemption, promised by the prophets. And I think all Jewish sages who have strong and unshakable faith in the Torah and tradition would say the same thing. We would not even consider such a scenario a temporary redemption or respite from exile. Its negative aspect would outweigh its positive, for the Sages of the Talmud have taught us and foretold to us that the future redemption will not be like the redemption under Ezra, through worldly decisions of rulers. (Daas Harabbonim, letter 7)

Rabbi Chananya Yom Tov Lipa Teitelbaum,Rebbe of Sighet, Hungary (1836-1904)

You must know that the sweet will not emerge from the bitter. From these sinners and heretics no good or salvation can come to the Jewish people. I have already been asked about this from many places, and I replied: G-d forbid, G-d forbid to join this group, all of whose leaders are heretics and deniers of the Torah. (Tel Talpios 5658, p. 84)

Rabbi Yishaya Zilberstein,rabbi of Veitzen, Hungary

The Zionist movement has spread and established itself even in this country, among Orthodox Jews. I address you,

believing Jews: separate yourselves from these people. Do not stand united with them, for not in these does Jacob take his portion, neither has G-d chosen them. (Tel Talpios, Av 5664)

It is incumbent on the greatest rabbis of the generation to warn to people not to become trapped in the Zionist and Mizrachist movements. I have taken the warning poster published by the rabbis of Chust and shown it to many rabbis in our country, and they agreed to it strongly, saying that no G-d-fearing Jew should join them, maintain relations with them or attend their gatherings. (ibid.)

Rabbi Yosef Zundel of Aishishok,Lithuania

The root of this movement is also not acceptable to us. In my speeches, I have cited many proofs that the in the general guidance of the Jewish people, and certainly in their redemption, which is the foundation of the world, we are not to do anything on our own, only based on a command from G-d. And although in other matters, such as healing and medicine, we are permitted to make our own efforts, in a great matter such as this, it is forbidden. (Hapeles 1904, p. 139 letter 10)

Rabbi Aryeh Leib Alter, Rebbe of Gur,Poland and author of Sfas Emes (1847-1905)


The greatest rabbis of the generation, who possess Divine inspiration, have said that this is a sin and an utter mistake. (Mishkenos Haroim volume 6)

Rabbi Yitzchok Yaakov Rabinowitz,Rebbe of Biala, Russia (d. 1905)

The evil group, conspiracy of the wicked, known as the Zionists deny the coming of the messiah, the holiness of the Holy Land and all the promises of the holy Torah and prophets who teach us that the future redemption will be supernatural and above human understanding, as it is written, No eye but Yours, O G-d, saw what You will do for those who wait for You (Isaiah 64:4). And they want to take away from the Jewish people their simple faith and give them instead the false contention that everything will happen naturally, G-d forbid, and we need to buy land in Palestine and learn agricultural techniques, in order to be farmers and vine keepers. To them, that is the long-awaited end, and they attempt to teach us the right way to reach it. Anyone with a G-d-fearing heart knows that all their words and lies are against G-d and His holy Torah. (Hagadah Divrei Binah)

Rabbi Simcha Bunim Sofer, author of Shevet Sofer, rabbi of Pressburg (1843-1906)


Regarding the gathering of Zionists calling themselves Mizrachi… all G-d-fearing Jews who hold onto the faith of their fathers must keep away from them. He who guards his soul must keep far from them. (Hapeles)

Rabbi Dovid Biderman, Rebbe of Lelov, Poland (1827-1907)

He said before his passing that the reason of the rabbis who went over to the Satans side, the Zionists, was the reason why he was leaving the world, for this upset him to his very core. (Mishkenos Haroim p. 266)

Rabbi Amram Blum,rabbi of Oifalo, Hungary (1834-1907)

The Zionist movement is not a movement of great Torah leaders and upright men, but rather a movement of faithless men; therefore, believing Jews, learn from the rabbis example. Do not join them and do not take part in their gatherings. (Tel Talpios, Av 5664)

Rabbi Yechiel Michel Epstein,rabbi of Novhardok, Russia (1829-1908)

Woe to us, for our holy Torah is in unimaginable decline, especially now that the hated movement called Zionism has spread, to our sorrow. Regarding them it is stated in the prayerbook, Zion cries bitterly for they are the ones who extinguished the fire of our holy Torah. (Hapeles 5665, p. 139)

Anyone who fears G-d should flee from the Zionists and Mizrachists as one flees from fire.

Similarly, the court is obligated to make sure that no Jew has any plans of rebellion, even secretly in his heart, against the King, may his glory be exalted, or his ministers. And our Sages have already stated that the G-d make the Jewish people swear not to rebel against the nations (Talmud, Tractate Kesubos 111a). And it is written (Proverbs 24:21), Fear G-d, my son, and the king. And our Sages say (Talmud, Tractate Berachos 58a) that a kingdom on the earth is like G-ds kingdom in heaven. (Aruch Hashulchan Choshen Mishpat 2:1)

Rabbi Shmuel Salant, Chief rabbi of Jerusalem (1816-1909)

Jerusalem greeted Herzl appropriately and, excommunicated and ostracized, he was compelled to sit alone during his entire stay in Jerusalem. This was after a strict warning was issued by the rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Shmuel Salant, that no one should draw near to him or give him a place in the Jewish area of Jerusalem.

(Mara Dara Yisroel v. 2 p. 45)

Rabbi Yosef Meir Weiss,Rebbe of Spinka, Hungary (1838-1909)

I ask my brethren: separate yourselves from the tents of the Zionists and do not touch their movement, lest you perish through all their sins. (Tel Talpios, Av 5665)

Rabbi Eliezer Gordon, rabbi of Telz, Lithuania (1841-1910)

Almost all the greatest rabbis of our generation are opposed to this idea [of Zionism].

(Marbitzei Torah Umussar v. 1 p. 434)

Rabbi Avraham of Sochatchov,Poland, author of Avnei Nezer (1839-1910)

I was happy to see that you possess understanding, and even from afar you were able to perceive the bitter poison of the Zionists and Mizrachists in any form or appearance. I have nothing to add to your words. Let G-d be with you to stop the spread of this plague before it becomes common in your country. (Hapeles, Kislev 5665, p. 133)

All the spreaders of sin who have ever arisen in the Jewish people have not succeeded to the degree that the group calling itself Zionists has succeeded. They have led the masses away from the faith and made them complete deniers of all principles of Jewish faith. How have they managed to do this? By pretending to be righteous, in order to commit treason against G-d. People have not hearkened to the voice of the rabbis who warned not to succumb to the Satans counsel. They have gone from bad to worse, and now many of them are not embarrassed to raise up a hand against the Torah of G-d in public. They deny the fundamentals of our faith and some of them deny G-d Himself.

Rabbi Moshe Greenwald, rabbi of Chust, Hungary and author of Arugas Habosem (1853-1910)

His son, the Tzehlimer Rav, said: I never saw my father get angry, except when the conversation concerned Mizrachi and the Zionists.

To the Jewish people, the believers, I will speak and raise my voice to warn them regarding this. Until now, our country was clean and free of the plague of the Zionist movement. But now we have heard, to the sorrow of all who fear G-d and respect His name, that this heresy has reached here as well, and they have already held a gathering in one of the communities in our country. My heart cries out, lest this poison make a path for itself, since no one realizes how far things have gone.

Therefore, for the sake of Zion I will not be silent and for the sake of the holy Torah I will not cease to cry out in a loud voice, Be careful not to get caught in this net, which is hidden to entrap the true faith we have received from Sinai!
Therefore, our Jewish brethren, believers in the true belief give to us by Moses and passed down as an inheritance: Do not go on their way, keep your feet away from their path, for those who join them descend to the depths of Hell; all who go to them will never return and will not achieve life in the World to Come. And whoever listens to me will dwell safely and securely. (Tel Talpios, Av 5664)

Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Gottlieb,rabbi of Miskolc, Hungary

This building [of the Holy Land] is nothing but destruction… but such a group is very dangerous to the Jewish people, and we must stay as far as possible from them… Worse than all of the above is Zionism and their

shekels that they give to strengthen the sinners in Jerusalem, who anger G-d in His palace and His city.

Satan himself disguises himself at the head of the Zionist organization. (Mishkenos Haroim volume 6)

Rabbi Shalom Halprin, rabbi of Wasloy, Hungary

The rabbi fought a war and spoke out against the defilement and heresy of the Zionists.
The rabbi stood guard over the wall of pure Judaism with all his strength, with zealousness and might. His war against the Maskilim, the Zionists and Zionism was uncompromising. The concept of making peace with the situation was foreign to him, for that would have meant surrendering to the evil powers. (Mishkenos Haroim volume 6)

Rabbi Leib Rubinstein,rabbi of Pressburg, Hungary (c. 1912)

I have warned with a severe warning to separate from the destructive group the Zionists lest one be caught in their net and their evil company, G-d forbid. I warn you very strongly, my friends: no foreign influence should mingle with you, and this poisonous root should not draw near to your camp, that is, the false ideals of the aforementioned group. Throw it out like defilement; cast it away, and do not let it in. (Kol Yehuda, Kol Todah p. 54)

Rabbi Eliyahu Chaim Meisel,rabbi of Lodz, Poland (1821-1912)

Any Jew who throws a penny into the Zionists collection bag is like one who contributes a stone to the idol Markulis, may G-d spare us. (Ashrei Hoish p. 65)

The damage done by Zionism and Mizrachi in our country is inestimable… we must fear that if, G-d forbid, they succeed in capturing as many more souls as they have captured until now, most of the Jewish people will become, G-d forbid, heretical. (Hapeles)

Rabbi Simcha Yissachar Ber Halberstam,Rebbe of Chiashenov,Poland (d. 1914)

The evil of the Zionism lies not in the fact that it is sinners who support it, for the truth is the opposite: Zionism is a dangerous disease in and of itself heresy and denial of our faith and that is why these sinners support it. (Divrei Simcha, letter 3)

In general, we must find a way to expel them from the Jewish people, with permission from the honorable government, in order to save the rest of the Jewish people from destruction. (Divrei Simcha, letter 1)

I would insert the Zionists into the prayer against heretics, if I had the power to do so.
The young Zionist hotheads once came to the Chiashenover Rebbe and warned that if he did not stop speaking against them, they would shoot him. He opened up his shirt and said, Shoot! I am not afraid.
Once there were two candidates in an election: a Mizrachi rabbi and an anti-Semitic gentile. The Rebbe publicly urged everyone to vote for the anti-Semitic gentile, and he had posters hung in the streets to that effect. In the end, the gentile won the election, and the Rebbe was very happy.

Separate yourselves from these deniers of G-ds Torah, who lead the Jewish people astray with their smooth tongues. They have disguised themselves with the language and clothing style of Jerusalem. Do not let the destroyer come into your houses! Do not read their words, do not take their shekels, do not join them; for all who go to them will not achieve life in the World to Come. Prevent your sons and daughters from entering their tents and reading their newspapers, which are full of heresy. They have called themselves Zionists in order to catch Jewish souls in their nets. (Divrei Simcha, letter 2)

I have a collection of letters from the greatest rabbis of Russia who cry out bitterly against the Mizrachi, who destroy the vineyard of G-d. The voice of G-d shoots fiery flames to warn the Jewish people with the most severe warning to keep far from them and their ways, for they lie in wait for their blood, plotting to capture their souls. (Divrei Simcha, letter 3)

I read in the newspaper the terrible news about the Jews of your country, and I became very upset. Woe to us that we are broken! Our eyes flow with incessant tears… Let us think about this: such a thing has not been heard of for hundreds of years. What has happened recently to bring this about? Certainly the accursed Zionism is the reason behind it. (Divrei Simcha, letter 10)

We have witnessed our own misfortunes, when the Zionists and the Mizrachists arose and said, We do not want to know Your ways, O G-d. They cast off the yoke of Torah and mitzvos unabashedly. Our souls and the souls of all the G-d-fearing Jews of Russia cry over this destruction of the Torah. And now you want to renew this evil again? You are supporting evildoers. (Divrei Simcha, letter 5)

Rabbi Yaakov Emden once wrote (commentary to Avos 2:6) that whoever does not enter the fray to fight against those who go on the wrong path, does not care about the insult of G-ds Torah and is not considered a man. Therefore all great and righteous rabbis of our generation, and anyone who has the spark of Judaism within him, do this [fight against Zionism] in order to save the remainder of the Jewish people. (Divrei Simcha, letter 3)

Once he entered the synagogue on Rosh Hashanah for the morning prayers. Amazingly he began by cursing the Zionists for about two hours, and only then did he begin to pray.

Rabbi David Friedman,rabbi of Karlin-Pinsk, Russia (1828-1915)

I am waiting and hoping for the salvation of G-d, who will save us from these destroyers [the Zionists], and brighten our eyes and let us see the shame of our enemies. (Ohr Layesharim)

My opinion about this is known: that Zionism is worse than the rest [of the heretical groups], because it claims that a person can be a Jew without the Torah, and many fell away because of this.

Rabbi Eliezer Deutsch,rabbi of Bonyhad, Hungary (d. 1850-1916)

I am happy to join anyone who fears G-d, and in particular those who keep away from this group whofalsely and slyly call themselves Zionists. Zion cries bitterly, for they have stepped away from the Torah of G-d. May G-d protect us from them and their money, and let us be under the banner of the name of G-d. (Tel Talpios, Av 5664)

I received your letter in which you wrote strong and zealous words against the Zionist organization. All that you wrote is correct, for we have already seen that this organization decided to practice vanity and emptiness. G-d is not in their midst, and they look only to do evil, to uproot the name of Israel, G-d forbid. Their goal is only nationalistic Zionism. (Responsa Har Hacarmel, p. 23)

Rabbi Eliyahu Akiva Rabinowitz,rabbi of Poltava, Russia (1861-1917)

He founded the journal Hapeles in 1901, chiefly for the purpose of fighting the Zionists. (Mishkenos Haroim p. 274)

Rabbi Chaim Soloveitchik,rabbi of Brisk, Poland (1853-1918)

The Zionists do not make Jews heretics in order to have a state, they want a state in order to make Jews into heretics! (Mishkenos Haroim, p. 269)

Dear Rabbi Moshe Carpas:

I have also read your words in connection with the sect of the Zionists who are now powerfully banded together. I do not blush to admit that I do not know how to find paths to oppose them, seeing that some of these men are known as evil in their localities, and have already proclaimed their purpose, which is to uproot the fundamentals of our faith and to take over all Jewish communities to aid them in their plan. It is hardly credible that after the revelations of their arrogant hearts there should still be found right-minded men willing to ally themselves with them. It is greatly astonishing throughout the whole Jewish People that they should be given a place and a voice in public affairs, since it is known they are causing others to sin.

Let the people guard their souls lest they join them in the destruction of our religion and become an obstacle to the House of Israel. (Ohr Layesharim)
If you intend to give a coin to the Jewish National Fund, give it to another idolatry, but not to the Zionists, since this idolatry is worse then any other. (Mishkenos Haroim, p. 270)
The Jewish people have suffered many plagues the Sadducees, Karaites, Hellenisers, Shabbesai Zvi, Haskalah, Reform and many others. But the strongest of them all is Zionism. (ibid. p. 269)

Regarding Zionism and Mizrachism: in our countries they have already ruined a great many of our brethren. I am telling you this in advance so that you might take steps that these movements not take hold in your country. They are poison to all that is vital to the Jewish people. All of their actions since their founding have been against our holy Torah. There is much evil contained in their words and actions. (Hapeles)

Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg,rabbi of Unsdorf, Hungary (1841-1919)

There is a difference between a simple wicked man, and those who bear the banner of Zionism. For though the wicked man may commit serious sins, he does them for himself and does not cause others to sin with him; therefore it is not crucial to fight against him with all our strength. But the Zionists found Hebrew schools to entrap good Jewish children in the net of heresy, and we are obligated to fight against them. We must raise our voice like a rams horn and warn the parents to protect their children. My son, do not go on their way; keep your foot away from their path, that you might not be caught in their trap. (Toldos Shmuel, p. 61)

Rabbi Yehuda Greenwald,rabbi of Satmar, Hungary (1845-1920)

The Zionists have become known in the world, and they are considered like the lowest and the cheapest. Many of them are wicked men, without the yoke of Torah and fear of G-d, men who pursue reform. Many righteous men have already cried out, Separate from these men! Whoever joins this group is considered a guilty soul in the eyes of the Torah. (Tel Talpios, Av 5664)

I humbly join those great rabbis who have preceded me and forbade joining this Zionist organization. One must not join their conspiracy for any purpose. (Zichron Yehuda v. 1 p. 184)

It should not occur to you that you, by human hands, can build the ruins of Jerusalem, and arouse the end of exile with great love of the Jewish people, to improve their state through this action, as the Zionists hold. Only G-d is the healer of the broken-hearted and the bandager of their pains, and if G-d does not build a house, its builders work in vain. (Zichron Yehuda 1:187)

Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber Schneersohn,Rebbe of Lubavitch, Russia (1866-1920)

Since the days of the Tower of Babel, there has been no defilement in the world like the defilement of Zionism. (Es Nisayon p. 3)

I received your letter, and my soul is very sorry to see that the people are still listening to the wicked speakers who destroy the vineyard of Israel, may G-d spare us, by spreading the poisonous Zionist doctrine. This doctrine contains deadly poison that burns the soul, may G-d spare us. Their shame has already been revealed in public and their heresy and wickedness is already visible to all. (Igros Kodesh, letter 130)

Their plan to gather the Jewish people together with their own power will never be; and all their strength, their many strategies and efforts will not work or have any success against the will of G-d. (ibid.)

Whoever twists the meaning of the Torah and finds proofs to Zionism from the Torah, and especially from the Hidden Torah, is like one who places an idol in the Temple. G-d will not forgive him. May G-d in His great mercy remove this accursed doctrine from among the Jewish people, and inspire their hearts to repent to Him in truth. (ibid.)

Those who assist these Zionists will pay on the Day of Judgment, for they are abetting those who cause the
masses to sin. Therefore, whoever is for G-d and His Torah will not join the evildoers and will not extend his hand to them. On the contrary, he will oppose them as much as possible. And until it is G-ds will to redeem us, we must accept the yoke of exile to atone for our sins. (Ohr Layesharim, p. 54)

We strongly oppose Zionism for religious reasons and for the sake of peace with our country. In the name of G-d and in the name of the holy Torah, we warn our brethren all who have the fear of G-d in their hearts to separate from the doctrine of Zionism entirely and to avoid their company. (Igros Kodesh p. 222)

Even if these men were loyal to G-d and His Torah, and even if there were a chance that they would achieve their goal, we must not listen to them in this matter, to make our redemption with our own power. Is it not forbidden even to force the end with excessive prayer? All the more so that with power and worldly methods, that is, to leave exile by force, we are not permitted… And this is against our true hope: that G-d will bring us the messiah soon and our redemption will come through G-d Himself. (Ohr Layesharim, p. 57)

And if the movement takes on this form, to go out of the exile by force and to redeem themselves with their own strength this is something no believer in Torah and its commandments can ever do on his own, for this runs against the Jewish peoples strong faith and hope for their redemption with the coming of the messiah, when they will be redeemed physically and spiritually and will be elevated to the highest degree. Only with this deeply engrained hope can they find rest, and only with this have they lived during their bitter exile, encouraging themselves through Torah and observance. They will not be satisfied with the promises of Herzl and Nordau, who promise them their own state and a good physical life even if we would fool ourselves into thinking that they could accomplish this. (Kuntres Umayan Mibeis Hashem, p. 50)

Rabbi YisroelPerlow,Rebbe of Stolin, Russia (1868-1921)

In his testament to his Chassidim he exhorted them to stay united, and to appoint as Rebbe whichever of his sons would not be among the flatterers and two-faced, who distances himself from falsehood and does not belong to any evil organization, especially the Zionist and Mizrachi, but rather is a friend to those who fear G-d, and does not send his children to modern schools, even those that teach in Hebrew. (Beis Aharon)

Rabbi Yitzchok Yerucham Diskin,rabbi of Jerusalem (d. 1925)

They are not to be called builders for they wreak terrible destruction and they damage powerfully. They plot evil against G-d, to completely wipe out all the holy institutions. And now, beloved ones of G-d, seekers of good for your people and peace for your land, whose thoughts are good and pure: Separate yourselves from them and their masses, keep away from their meeting places and take your honor away from their midst… G-d forbid for any Jew to stumble in listening to their evil counsel. (Mara Dara Yisroel, v. 2 p. 68)

Rabbi Yaakov Koppel Kraus,rabbi of Serdaheli, Hungary

All truly faithful Orthodox Jews do not join the Zionists or listen to their advice. (Shesilei Zeisim, p. 105)

Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Freund,Rebbe of Nassod, Hungary

Once before the Neila prayer on Yom Kippur he said: It is not because they are Zionists that they are evildoers. It is because they are evildoers that they are Zionists.
In the year 1925, before the Kol Nidrei prayer, he cried out in a loud voice, May the name of the Zionists be eradicated!
Once he announced on Rosh Hashanah before the blowing of the rams horn [Shofer]: The bread and wine of the Zionists is forbidden and one may not intermarry with them! (Mishkenos Haroim volume p. 434)

Rabbi Moshe Hager, Rebbe of Kossov,Hungary (1860-1926)

The enemy has wrapped itself in a cloak of love of Zion in order to fool the Jewish soul and entrap in its net of destruction even those who tremble at the word of G-d. There is no greater heresy than this, and it comes from the Satanic forces. (Leket Ani, Vayechi)

Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Teitelbaum,Rebbe of Sighet, Hungary (1880-1926)

The plague of Zionism has begun to spread even in our areas. This is no time for us to be silent, for they are not silent, but rather as noisy as the ocean, casting their net for the Jewish youth. Therefore we must gird ourselves with strength and stand up to them forcefully so that they cannot make their catch by trickery. In my opinion, it would be correct to forbid joining them, G-d forbid, or teaching Hebrew in the schools. In this way we will foil their plans. (Olas Hachodesh, Shvat 5741)

Rabbi Yissachar Dov Rokeach,Rebbe of Belza, Poland (1854-1926)

Every Jew, when saying the prayer against heretics, must have in mind the Zionists and Mizrachists. (Michtav Hisorerus, p. 118) On the night after every festival in Belz, they announced that no one should join the Zionists, the Mizrachi or the Agudah.

They are sinners and cause the masses to sin. (Kuntres 22 Cheshvan, p. 106)

Once on the night of Yom Kippur, as thousands of Chassidim squeezed into his synagogue and prepared for the Kol Nidrei prayers, a holy atmosphere pervaded the synagogue. No one made a sound, and all were waiting to hear the Rebbes uplifting sermon for the Day of Judgment. He went up on the platform and called out in a loud voice, It is forbidden to join the Zionists, the Mizrachists, or any of their groups! That was all; that was
the entire sermon before Kol Nidrei. (Kol Yisroel, 8 Sivan 5686)

Our brethren, believing Jews, be strong and stand up for our people and our Torah, not by might nor by power. We should not debate or argue with the Zionists and the Mizrachists, but rather we should fight by standing strong in our beliefs and not allowing the destroyer, the doctrine of Zionism and Mizrachi, to enter our homes.

Zionism itself is founded on denial of G-ds providence, reward and punishment and the coming of the redeemer. Nationalism is built only on the ruins of the holy Torah, belief in G-d, His prophets, and the Talmudic Sages. Therefore, even if the movement were led by G-d-fearing, righteous men with the best of intentions, it would be impossible for it not to destroy faith and Torah. (Kuntres 22 Cheshvan, p. 108)

But it could be that before the arrival of the messiah, the Satans efforts will succeed and the wicked will get a state in the Land of Israel. Therefore it is an obligation on every Jew who must leave his home to move to America or somewhere else, but not to the Land of Israel under the state of these wicked men, because their state would be a great danger to every Jews body and soul. (Om Ani Chomah v. 6 13 Adar I 5717)

All his life, the Rebbe fought against Zionists of all types, using the same weapons that his father and other rabbis used against the Reform. He led a tough struggle against Zionism while it was still a budding movement, standing strong just as his father had stood in his time against the secularists, not giving them access to any leadership role. (Admoirei Belze p. 251).

Rabbi Meir Simcha Hakohein, rabbi of Dvinsk, Latvia (1843-1926)

He stood up like a wall and fought a battle against the secularist Jews of Russia. He also drew his sword against the Zionists. (Melitzei Eish)

May G-d cry out from His holy habitation and give forth His voice, for there have arisen new rebels and traitors, thinking to establish a State… and have promised to deliver Israel from all its troubles in the Exile.

I cannot utter with my lips nor write down what is in my heart concerning these unstable people…. We should pay no attention to Herzl, because this Zionist vision is driving G-d forbid Israel to destruction.

It is our duty to preserve ourselves from being captured and confused by the empty utterances of Herzl and

Nordau and their lies. I am astonished that the Mizrachi rabbis venture to dispute the words of our teachers and, instead of doing their duty by uniting with all those who have taken upon themselves to weaken the Zionist traitors, they uphold them and will finally pursue and revile all those opposed to this abominable movement as if in truth G-d forbid the only hope remaining to Israel springs from the Zionists who reject our holy Torah. (The Transformation, p. 184)

Rabbi Eliezer David Greenwald, rabbi of Satmar, Hungary (1868-1928)

We see it as a holy obligation to speak out among Jews regarding the Zionist movement, which has begun to spread in our country. We must warn those Jews whose hearts are faithful to G-d and His Torah to keep far from them and their masses… We have therefore come to warn Jews of our province to keep as far as possible away from them. (Keren Ledavid, Likutim)

Rabbi Moshe Yosef Hoffman, dayan of Pupa, Hungary

It became clear to us that the panel of delegates to the Land of Israel want to blackmail the yeshiva scholars to enter the Zionist organization, which all the greatest rabbis have rejected from the religious community, and against which you especially fight with all strength, since their intents and plans have become known. (Mara Dara Yisroel, v. 2 p. 90)

Rabbi Shlomo Eliezer Alfandari, rabbi of the Sephardic community in Jerusalem (1826-1930)

I hereby make known that it is forbidden for any Jew whose forefathers stood at Mount Sinai and has a portion in the G-d of Israel and His Torah, to remain a member in the Nationalist Council, which has lifted up its hand against the Torah of Moses and desecrates the laws of the Torah brazenly. G-d forbid for any good Jew to be in their company, let alone to aid and abet these sinners in any way, shape or form.
And since the honourable [British Mandate] government has given permission to opt out of the Nationalist Council, it is a holy obligation upon all observant Jews to go as soon as possible and to opt out from the Nationalist Council while it is still possible. (Responsa Saba Kadisha 1:32)

Rabbi Yosef Chaim Zonenfeld, chief rabbi of Jerusalem (1848-1932)

The position of Rabbi Zonenfeld, who worked all his life for the good of the Jewish residents of the Holy Land and its building, was to strongly oppose the founding of a Jewish government in the Land. (Kuntres Hasbarah, p. 40)

Once a student asked him, Would you really prefer a gentile government in the Land of Israel to a Zionist government? He replied in amazement, You have any doubt about that??! (Mara Dara Yisroel, v. 1 p. 149)

The Jews do not want to take in any way that which is not theirs. And they certainly do not want to contest the rights of the other inhabitants to the places held by them which they regard with
honor and consider holy. And in particular, there is no foundation to the rumor that the Jews want to acquire the Temple Mount. On the contrary, ever since the time that, because of our sins, we lost the purity required by the Torah, it is forbidden for any Jew to set foot upon the
grounds of the Temple Mount. (Letter of Truth and Peace, 1929)

The following is the English translation of the Arabic memorandum submitted in 1924 to King Hussein of the Hejaz, by Rabbi Yosef Chaim Zonenfeld and Dr. Yackov Yisroel DeHaan, together with a delegation that visited the monarch upon his visit to his son Emir Abdullah in Transjordan.

Feb. 20, 1924
His Majesty:
In the name of G-d, the High Lord, Creator of Heaven and Earth: We feel honored to stand before His Majesty as representatives of the world Jewish organization Agudas Yisroel and the Eidah Hachareidis in the Holy City of Jerusalem, organized by the Ashkenazic Jewish Community…
May G-d, King of all Kings exalt his kingdom and in his days shall flourish justice for the benefit of those who find protection in his shadow.

We assure His Majesty that the Jewish population relates to their neighbors with brotherly harmony wherever they exist, and also in the Holy Land we will adhere to that tradition and in the future will cooperate with all the inhabitants in the building and prospering of the land for a blessing and peace with all ethnic groups.
We respectfully request from His Majesty that whenever any expression of Jewish opinion on matters concerning the Jewish population, or the Holy Land, will be brought to his attention, he shall also grant permission to the representative of Agudas Yisroel to appear, representing Orthodox Jewry, for which the Holy Land is the center of their yearning and who pray for its peace and rebuilding three times a day.

We also express our hope that His Majesty will do the utmost to use his huge influence for the benefit of the Jewish People which live in all Arab countries.
May the L-rd of the universe bless him and his descendants, and many more years shall he see the well being of his people. In his and in our days shall Judah be redeemed and Israel rest in tranquillity, amen.

Dec. 6, 1931 Jurusalem
To the honorable Muslim Congress of Jerusalem,

Orthodox Jewry in Palestine, under the auspices of the worldwide Orthodox organization Agudas Yisroel, is honored to greet the Muslim Congress in the Holy City of Jerusalem. May it be G-ds will that this gathering of Muslim leaders bring blessing to the city and the land chosen by G-d, and help to bring about peace among all its inhabitants.
The Congress will deal with the question of the Islamic holy sites in the Holy Land. In regard to this, it is important to us to declare before all those gathered, and before all of the Muslim world, that Jews have no intention to challenge the rights of Muslims to their holy sites, or even to demand any rights to these places, just as we do not want others to challenge our rights to sites holy to us.

We completely deny any suspicion that we want to demand rights to your holy site that is called the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the other holy sites located on the Temple Mount compound.

As far as the Western Wall, the place from which the Divine Presence never departed, our only wish is that we be allowed the same privilege as was allowed our grandfathers to pour out our hearts in prayer respectfully, without disturbance, before G-d who dwells in this place.
We hope that a spirit of peace will envelop the Congress, helping to remove the suspicions harbored in the hearts of each segment of the population against the other. May the Holy One, blessed is He, spread His canopy of peace over all the inhabitants of the land, giving success to its building and flowering for the good of all.
The Center of Agudas Yisroel in the Holy Land, Jerusalem
(Koil Yisroel, issue 11)

Rabbi Yisroel Meir Hakohein, author of Chofetz Chaim (1839-1933)

G-d forbid to send your children to the Tarbuth (Zionist) and Yiddishist schools, for their main studies are heresy, and they inculcate falsehood into little children. They make light of the words of the Torah, prophets and thus raise up a stiff-necked and twisted generation who
scoff at all that is holy. Whoever sends his children to these schools should be considered as if he gave them over to real idol worship. (Writings of the Chofetz Chaim, Chapter 12)

Therefore, every man whose heart fears G-d must exhort all Jews not to give their children to the Molech.

(ibid. Chapter 53)

The Zionists are dead limbs of our people, which cause the entire body to rot.

(Omer Ani Maasai Lamelech, paragraph 16)

Who are these fellow Jews of ours? They are Hellenizers, not Jews at all. They do all in their power to estrange themselves from us and hate us.

(ibid. paragraph 17)

Our pain is great upon hearing the news from the Holy Land: that there are settlements there that have turned away from the path of G-d, losing all faith. The fundamentals of Torah have become worthless to them, G-d forbid. They transgress them with impunity. Non-religious Jewish education is growing there from day to day. Woe to the eyes that see this and woe to the ears that hear this! Woe to us for what has happened to us in these times! (Writings of the Chofetz Chaim, Chapter 48)

Better a third of Torah learning should stop, rather than join them. (Kovetz Maamarim Vigros, p. 154)

The Torah teaches us not to resist the nations even when they fight against us. We must follow in the footsteps of the patriarch Jacob in his encounter with his brother Esau… All that happened between Jacob and Esau happens to us constantly with Esaus children. We must adopt the methods of the righteous Jacob, to make the three preparations that he made: prayer, a gift, and escape through war, that is, to flee to safety. As long as we walked on that well-tread path, G-d saved us from their hands. But since we have strayed from the path and new leaders have arisen who chose new methods, leaving behind our ancestors weapons and adopting the methods of our enemies, we have fared worse and worse, and great travails have befallen us. (Chofetz Chaim Al Hatorah, Devarim)

Rabbi Yechezkel Fish, Rebbe of Hadas, Hungary

He fought at his own personal risk against the doctrine of Zionism and its religious supporters. He was very particular that none of his followers belong to any of the Zionist parties. (Mishkenos Haroim volume 6)

Rabbi Chaim Shaul Douek, leader of Sephardic Kabbalists of Jerusalem

This is how the Zionists succeed in capturing the religious: by means of the Mizrachi, who disguise themselves as rescuers [of the Torah], when in truth it is they who are the destroyers and damagers of the path of Torah. May G-d spare us from them. (Om Ani Chomah, 22 Tamuz 5711)

Rabbi Shimon Zelichover,rabbi of Lublin, Poland ( -1939)

One student asked the rabbis opinion as to whether a Zionist state would arise in the Land of Israel. The rabbi replied that even if it would arise, such a state would never last. Another student asked, Would such a state, a new phenomenon in this long exile, be a salvation for the Jewish people? The rabbi replied in a strong voice, Even if they pave the entire Land of Israel with asphalt, it has no connection with Jews, G-d forbid.
The Jabotinskys and Weizzmans cause the name of G-d to be hated in Jewish hearts. In the end, they will be punished, as it says, I will take revenge on my enemies and I will punish those who make Me hated. (Naharei Eish, Likutim 121)

Rabbi Aryeh Leibush Halberstam,rabbi of Tsanz, Poland (d. 1934)

The rabbi was strongly opposed to all the new movements that were founded then, and he fought especially against the Zionist movement, which was then in its budding years. (Kovetz Bnei Torah Tsanz)

For my heart is very sorrowful when I see the low condition of our Torah, which has dropped tremendously due to the evil Zionists, who have come out to swallow up the holy, to lure Jews away from their faith in G-d. (Kovetz Bnei Torah Tsanz)

Rabbi Moshe Kliers, rabbi of Tiberias, Palestine (1874-1934)

We the undersigned, residents of the holy city of Tiberias, strongly protest against the [British Mandate governments] laws of Jewish communities, which places the entire Jewish population of the Holy Land under the leadership of the congress of the Nationalist Council. We request that the government not pass this law until religious Jewry is assured complete freedom to run its communities and institutions in a manner completely independent of the Nationalist Council, or the City Council, on which irreligious Jews sit.

Signed: Aaron Ducha, Moshe Kliers, Mottel Slonim, Chaim Yitzchok Brizel, Aaron Yosef Luria.
(Mishkenos Haroim p. 509)

Rabbi Yosef Rosen,rabbi of Dvinsk, Latvia (1858-1936)

Someone from the Land of Israel visited the rabbi from Rogatchov and asked him, Do you plan on emigrating to the Land of Israel? The rabbi replied, I am not a tolerant person. I cannot see and be silent. But I am afraid to see and speak out, because I fear they will kill me, and according to Torah one may not place himself in danger. (Kol Yisroel, Adar 5695)

These wicked men offend the angels of G-d, distort the promises of the prophets and despise the warnings of Chazal not to force the end, and to wait for the coming of the righteous redeemer. They turn after their hearts and after their eyes. In vain do they profess to burn with the love of Israel and love of the Holy Land. They think that they can be wiser than their predecessors.

The entire project is in the hands of irresponsible people who live a life of carelessness. They elevate themselves over all the greatest rabbis of the generation, who have already come out with a severe prohibition on their activities. It is a holy obligation to open our eyes and understand what will be the result of the Zionists slander.
Heaven forbid that we should throw off the yoke of exile from upon our necks through violence, hard work, entreaties or plans. We must pay attention and understand the extent of the folly of these men who are wise in evil, to whom it has not occurred that if we conquer the Land before the coming of the king of peace, grievous wars will follow and one people will goreanother…

I will therefore take my life in my hand and proclaim that until the promised messiah comes and the Holy One, blessed is He, blows the great trumpet to proclaim our freedom, we have no right to rule in the Land, and that Zionisms aspiration for governmental power is a rebellion against the peoples who dwell in the Land. Heaven forbid that we should test Hashem and fight with Him concerning the length of the exile, and come as masters into the Land.
Because of the Zionists, the exile will be prolonged and there will arise Heaven forbid many calamities. There can be no harm greater than to arouse conflicts with the nations, and to make Israel feared as a source of revolt since [the Zionists portray us as] a people bitter of heart on account of its exile.

To those who share these Zionist views but profess to be believers, whose lips drip with Torah and piety, I have this to say: Do you not know that Zionism and self-rule are vanity and pursuit of emptiness and imitation? Why do you despise the Torah and stretch out your hand to transgressors tainted with heresy, and why do you not consider in whose company you go?

How long will the Zionists be permitted to lead us into a trap? One need not fear contention and discord with them, since they have already brought it about. In the book Gates of Repentance paragraph 59, we find He who does not enter into conflict with those who stand on a bad path is punished for their transgressions and all their sins.

I have already written letters to those who ask whether there is any substance in the books of the Mizrachi rabbis Rabinovitz and Reines. I have replied that according to Jewish Law the works of the two above-mentioned rabbis are an abomination and desolation, according to the Torah.
May the day come when we are not subjugated and oppressed by heretics originating from the Jewish people especially seeing that they spread evil tidings about us. (The Transformation, p. 196)

Rabbi Yisroel Hager, Rebbe of Vizhnitz, Romania (1860-1936)

Satan is constantly changing his disguise and sending his agents to entrap the Jewish masses in his net, so that they throw the yoke of the Torah off their necks. The names of these agents change every few generations. Today, they are called Zionists. (Kedosh Yisroel ch. 16, p. 276)

Once he met a Zionist on the anniversary of Herzls death. The Zionist said, In honor of this day it is proper to have a feast. The Rebbe replied, Certainly, for when the wicked perish there is joy. (ibid. v. 2 ch. 24, p. 619)

In last weeks newspaper I saw things written in my name that I did not ever say or think of. I therefore request of you that you honor your newspapers principles and issue a correction. It claims that I said that the Zionist idea is a lofty idea and no good Jew who follows the path of Judaism and clings to the commandments of G-d and His Torah should oppose this great idea. This is a complete lie, for I never spoke such words. (ibid.)

I would very much like to travel to the Holy City of Jerusalem, but due to the Zionists I will not go, even if I would lock myself in my room and avoid any contact with them. (ibid. ch. 18 p. 300)

The Rebbe did not give everyone permission to go to the Holy Land, especially young people without their parents, lest they fall under the influence of the Zionist movement.
I am turning to you urgently to draw your attention to the holy obligation upon you to join the united religious kehillah (the Eidah Chareidis of Jerusalem), built on holy foundations, and not, G-d forbid, the kehillah of the Nationalist Council, which is not founded on the Torah of G-d. (ibid. ch. 24, letter 35)

Rabbi Chaim Elazar Shapiro, Rebbe of Munkacz, Hungary (1872-1937)

The Holy Land never experienced such an exile as now, when deniers of G-d are waving their hands over Jewish dwellings to destroy Jewish holiness, to trample on our faith, which rejects redemption of the body without redemption of the soul. (Toras Alef, v. 4 letter 36)

In the summer of 1934 there was a dangerous illness going around Munkacz, and many Jews died. The rabbi and his court declared a day of fasting and prayer. On that day the rabbi delivered a fiery sermon before thousands of Jews against the Zionists and their heretical center, the Hebrew Gymnasium, in which they burned Jewish souls with the poison of heresy. The rabbi declared that it was due to this sin that the present tragedy had befallen them. Then he turned his face to the Holy Ark and cried out a warning of death and destruction in this world and the next for any fathers and mothers who would send their children to that gymnasium. They would be held responsible for the spilling of innocent blood. He cursed them with a rabbinic curse which cannot be reversed, and warned them not to come crying to him afterwards when tragedy struck. He said that we must put our lives on the line in order to uproot this idolatry from our country. (Toldos Rabbeinu, 184)

The Zionists, who say that they are nationalists but not believers or religious, are like a body without a soul. They are dead bodies, and this is what our Sages meant when they said that the wicked even during their lives are called dead. They defile whoever comes in contact with them, for they are the ultimate source of defilement. (Shaar Yissachar, Chag Habikurim, paragraph 52)

The Rebbe used to speak out strongly against emigration to the Holy Land in his time. (Toras Alef, v. 4 letter 29)

We watch these colonists with tears in our eyes, for unfortunately they are fulfilling the verse, And you came and defiled My land. They are destroying the Holy Land and causing those who live there to sin. If we had the power, we would make prohibitions and pass decrees to get rid of these sinners, for they embitter the spirit of all who are righteous and G-d-fearing, both in the Holy Land and elsewhere. (Responsa Minchas Elazar 2:70)

When I visited the Land of Israel in the year 1930 I went to the Western Wall…with so much defilement spread by the Zionists, who knows if the Divine Presence is still there? (Toras Alef, v. 4 letter 24)

Rabbi Chaim Avraham Dov Ber Levine,the Malach, New York (d. 1938)

I wanted to express my admiration for your action to keep Jews away from the domains of evil, the Zionists and the Mizrachists. May they and their supporters be uprooted soon, and then G-d will rejoice in His creations and Israel will rejoice in their Maker. (Otzar Igros Kodesh, letter 89)

The problem confronting the Jewish people is the rotten apostates, the Mizrachists and Zionists. (ibid. letter 88)

Rabbi Boruch Ber Leibowitz, head of the yeshiva of Kamenitz, Lithuania (1870-1939)

If you throw a coin into the Zionist Jewish National Fund collection box, you become a threat to the Jewish people. You bring misfortune upon the Jewish people.
He would speak angrily about the Zionists. His voice actually changed when he spoke about them. Many times in the yeshiva, he spoke while he went for a walk to rest from the work of the day, or on his way home. Every time he spoke about them, he was angry and said with a groan, Those wicked ones! Many times in the middle of the study hall of the yeshiva, he would call over several students and cry out before them regarding the Zionists. He would let out his pain, and then he would rest and continue his studies.

In his last years, several activists decided to found a Tarbuth Zionist school in Kamenitz. Immediately, Rabbi Boruch Ber gathered the townspeople in the town synagogue and cried out with a tearful voice, Woe to me that such has happened to me in my old age! They are bringing an idol into Kamenitz. What will I answer on the Day of Judgment when they ask me why such a thing happened in my city? At the end of his speech, he took off his shoes as a sign of mourning, and he sat down on the floor. The spectacle shook up all those present, and because of the impression he made on the people, the Zionists were not able to carry out their plan. (Mishkenos Haroim p. 617-618)

Rabbi Avraham ShalomHalberstam,Rebbe of Stropkov, Hungary (1856-1940)

Everyone must accept upon himself not to join them at all. (Divrei Shalom, p. 171)

Once the Zionists tried to organize gatherings in his city, Stropkov. But he would not allow it under any circumstances. In the end the plan failed. (Mishkenos Haroim volume 6)

Rabbi Avraham Yosef Greenwald,rabbi of Ungvar, Ukraine (d. 1940)

The plague began, unfortunately, with the false beliefs of the Zionism. In all who lean toward them, one can recognize a bit of heresy. Therefore, for G-ds sake, keep yourselves and your children far away from their path. Guard your footsteps from contact with them, for they are poisonous; heresy is hidden in their doctrine. (Avnei Shoham, p. 229)

Rabbi Shmuel Engel, rabbi of Radomishlav, Galicia ( -1935)

I was asked to express my opinion whether according to Torah law one is permitted to join the Zionist organization. I must say that according to Torah, G-d forbid for any Jew who walks in the paths of Torah and fear of G-d to join this group.
We must come up with a plan to prevent the Zionists from, G-d forbid, ruling over our fellow Jews. Unfortunately, they have much power among the nations, and they are planning to destroy our holy Torah. I know them for many years, and I can testify that all their thoughts are only to destroy our holy Torah. (Pri Temarim v. 3, Shvat 5741, p. 158)

Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman,head of the yeshivaof Baranovitch, Poland (1875-1940)

The Torah teaches here that the war against Amalek exists in all generations until the coming of the messiah. However, the Amalek is not always the same. In the olden days when the Jewish people was ruled only by Torah, the enemies were t