See How Paige Hathaway Stuns In This Exclusive Photo Shoot

Paige Hathaway is a stone cold stunner.

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She is also expert, entrepreneur and a model in helping others live a healthful lifestyle. Having said that, she did not get to where she’s overnight. She is been training hard for the last few years. On her web site, Paige says that a several years past:

“I was really slim with barely any muscle tone. It was then that I was approached by a trainer at the fitness center about nourishment and appropriate health. After talking with the trainer I determined to step from my comfort zone and enter my first bikini contest.”

After several months, fitness became her top priority. She placed second among the largest bodybuilding contests approximately. From there, she continued to refine her fitness and lifestyle goals helping and inspiring individuals to do exactly the same on various media outlets that were social.

Photographer Michael Oliveri lately shot some amazing pictures of Paige Hathaway. You must see the type of effects the commitment of Paige can create.

It is crucial that you have powerful legs to securely plant yourself on rooftops when it gets windy.

When it gets windy, it

Thanks for showing that Paige. And for showing us that windswept beauty is undoubtedly added to by fluid skirts.

In a interview with Women’s Well-Being, Paige said: “I believe that being healthy is hot. I believe that after you are healthy and you are happy, it gives you more assurance.”

In an <a href="" target="_blank">interview with Women

And Paige is someone that’s a lot to be assured about!

For showing ladder security thanks again Paige. Consistently hold on with two hands.

Thank you again Paige, for demonstrating ladder safety. Always hold on with two hands.

While you are scaling and if you’ve got loose fitting flannel, irrespective of how hot it seems, always ensure that you tie it away so it does not get caught. And you believed you would not learn anything reading this post.

“I need to inspire others to be healthy, fit and assured by being an example of someone who makes her well-being a priority while still living an interesting balanced life!” – Paige’s web site

"I want to motivate others to be healthy, fit and confident by being an example of someone who makes her health a priority while still living a fun balanced life!" - <a href="" target="_blank">Paige

This photoshoot definitely looks like part of a fun, balanced life!

I believe they’d still exist to today, if that is what they meant by grayscale pictures.

If this is what they meant by black and white movies, I think they would still exist to this day.

They could even be quiet.

“You only can not let negativity, or what somebody says, or their perception of how the female body should appear change you, because if you did that then you likely would not get anywhere with your target.” – Women’s Well-Being Interview

"You just can

No matter your aims as a girl, that’s some serious motivation from Paige.

Paige is seen here presenting the little-known finger reach. Whether you are working out or modeling for pictures, you never need to make opponents with carpal tunnel.

Paige is seen here demonstrating the little-known finger stretch. Whether you

It is also an excellent stretch for making shadow puppets that are cool !

Paige glows bright in sunlight, in addition to on Instagram where’s nearly 2 MILLION followers!

Paige shines brightly in the sun, as well as <a href=

You do not want a ladder to climb to the top if you are already there Paige!

Paige’s favourite cheat meals are overly easy go get. “I enjoy cheese pizza. I am only a lover of cheese pizza. And I adore fro-yo.”


Pretty much a regular Saturday night for most folks.

So whether Paige modeling, is working out, or relaxing with Shredz nutritional supplements, she understands how you can put her best foot forwards.

So whether Paige is working out, posing, or <a href=

We are happy that Michael Oliveri was there to record the results, and she did. Check out more about Paige on Instagram, Facebook, and her web site!