Awful Truths About Dating That No One Ever Expects…UGH

Relationship in the environment of today’s presents all sorts of hurdles. Individuals do not simply “ask someone out.” They Tinder, use relationship date, or programs online. That separation gives all of us the skill to craft and hone and perfect profiles… and deceive all would be suitors into believing we are amazing.

We had do just a little better and save ourselves the heartbreak maybe if we had understood these 16 online dating truths in advance.

1. Online dating is not fast.

Online dating isn

2. In fact… it takes FOREVER to discover “the one.”

In fact... it takes FOREVER to find

3. Some folks make things simpler by putting up strange pictures.

Some people make things easier by putting up weird photos.

4. Some show their “smartness” to help us filter.

Some display their

5. Others nicely… send interesting messages.

Others well... send interesting messages.

6. Occasionally folks could be a little TOO fair.

Sometimes people can be a little TOO honest.

7. Others lie by omission.

Others lie by omission.

8. Some men meet the definition of creepy.

Some guys fit the very definition of creepy.

9. Others are Phase-5 clingers.

Others are Stage-5 clingers.

10. Leaving you with just several choices…

Leaving you with only a few options...

11. … a group of chosen individuals.

... a bunch of taken people.

12. … and conspiracy theorist virgins.

...and conspiracy theorist virgins.

13. Oh, and the occasional wannabe killer.

Oh, and the occasional wanna-be murderer.

14. Perhaps we should simply quit. There is more to life, right?

Maybe we should just give up. There

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So, another time you see an attractive man on Tinder who says they like long walks on the shore, sold their startup for $50 million, and adores spending money on their significant other?