Watch Jimmy Fallon & Russell Crowe Sing

Russell and Jimmy describe why you SHOULD NOT swim in the ocean.

Jimmy and Russell explain why you should NEVER swim in the ocean.

Go over Jaws, the new top reason people are frightened to swim in the ocean is anxiety of… getting balls inside their mouths?

Well, in accordance with Jimmy Fallon anyhow. The Tonight Show host was joined by Oscar winner Russell Crowe for a performance of the shortly-to-be-classic, Balls In Your Mouth.

In honor of Earth Day, Jimmy performed what he called a protest song. The “spheres” he is referring to are really pitch balls.

The lyrics go something like this:

Balls in the mouth area. Balls in the mouth area. Do not swim in the ocean, you will get balls

Things get a bit more complex. No, wait, that is pretty much it. Sing repeat and those lines!

The melody is quite catchy, however. Take a look at the complete clip below.

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