This Is The Hilarity That Happens When You Skip Leg Day At The Gym, Oh Boy..

The key to your healthy bro-body would be to work your arms, your torso, your abs…and totally blow off your legs. The reason being girls certainly do not care about the legs of a man. They simply need a muscle meat head who can wisp her away instead, right?

At least that is what these 15 men believed. Were they wrong.

1. Fitting miniature short pants with miniature legs is definitely the selection that is broseph.

Matching tiny shorts with tiny legs is clearly the broseph choice.

2. Appearing like a starved casualty below the waistline is not quite unattractive, I hear.

Looking like a starving victim below the waist is pretty attractive, I hear.

3. You believe that video game can help train his legs?

You think that video game can help train his legs?

4. I do not believe this selfie has the effect he had enjoy.

I don

5. You could claim she is fitter.

You could argue she

6. “Grrrrrr…oww, I believe I pulled my calf.”


7. Seriously, buddies. Where were you when this occurred?

Seriously, friends. Where were you when this happened?

8. Concealing your legs with short pants that are long. Master!

Hiding your legs with long shorts. Genius!

9. Wolverine ‘s a bro.

Even Wolverine



11. There seems to be something amiss.

There appears to be something amiss.

12. Guy of (less) Steel.

Man of (less) Steel.

13. Bringing topheavy to a brand new degree.

Bringing top-heavy to a new level.

14. Leg Day Number: 0

Leg Day Number: 0

15. It’s called a “squat” stand.


(via Guff)

I believe we all learned a valuable lesson here. Consider this your Public Service Announcement to never miss leg day…unless you need to seem rather irregular.