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Vital and Peele are not coming back to TV until July, but they are already on their A game

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Vital and Peele, the celebrated sketch comedy duet with a show on Comedy Central, have been off the air since last December. That has not stopped them, yet, from lately releasing topical sketches (like the well-known valets discussing their love of Game of Thrones in April).

With Key and Peele’s fifth season arriving at us on July 8th, they have stepped up the pub with the expertly put together sketch. As it discusses the relationship between law enforcement and black people, as well their adversities in modern society, it could not be more timely.

An unlucky position that appears to be all too common nowadays

An unfortunate situation that seems to be all too common these days

Keegan-Michael Key plays a black man, just walking down the road. He is racially profiled by a policeman, who detains him. The policeman slams his head. A homeless guy (Jordan Peele) tells the cop he will take it from here, and the officer releases a lost Keegan to the man.

An utopia for black people

A utopia for black people

They walk through a doorway and are transported to “Negrotown.” The hero inquires if it is like Atlanta? Wally, the homeless man, says “virtually.” Wally then jumps to introduce the advantages with this area.

They contain not being harassed while walking the road, supposed to be part of a gang by being in an organization, followed when shopping, and harassed when wearing a hoodie. That is directly in reference to Trayvon Martin, a subject that Key and Peele already touched on with their sketch “Hoodie” in 2013.

Strong message, hilarious sketch.

Hilarious sketch, powerful message.

The message here is clear, as amusing as the whole sketch is with the side game of Wally’s continued frustration with being interrupted.

The hero wakes up after the tune is completed to discover that it was all a dream, and a society where black people have exactly the same prerogatives as other races has yet to arrive. He could be detained for nothing, a typical issue that Key and Peele has faced the audience with using wit.

Take a look at the complete sketch below, and look out for more hilarity and social commentary from Key and Peele July 8th!

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