Seven Signs That An Angel Is With You


Angels exist to people on another oscillation frequency, and most people are so not able to see them but we could sense their existence around us.

Angels have a manner of making their existence known and it is unnecessary to have a powerful spiritual belief to feel the existence of an angel or to be intensely devout.

7 Hints That The Angel Is Close By

1. The temperature in the room may transform.

You may feel a warm glow or a sudden rush of warm air. You may even get goose bumps or tingling at the back of head or your neck.

2. An interesting scent may seem out of nowhere.

It may be an odor that is uncommon that you’ve never smelt before, and you may likely unable to identify it.

3. Different coloured lights may appear from nowhere.

You may catch glances or flickers of light or notice shadows or may see shafts of light streaming down or blasting across the room. Don’t be scared, you WOn’t see an angel appearing angels of course don’t have any desire to hurt you, and until you’re prepared to.

4. You may hear angelic voices attempting to convey to you personally.

The voice is just a whisper or is muffled if, send a mental message for the angel to talk louder. Don’t suppose the angelic voice you’re hearing is a product of your imagination.

5. White feathers may unexpectedly appear in surprising and the most improbable of location.

This can be a certain indication the angels are with you and are prepared to answer your prayers…

6. Angels may seem to you personally with a means to fix a specific issue in your dream state.

By the morning, you may feel more favorable and clearer about which direction to choose…

7. You may feel as if there’s someone in the room with you.

(As if someone has just brushed past you) or you may experience the sense that the presence is standing behind you possibly with their hands in your shoulders.

Generally the angels will make their existence quite clear. A typical encounter is when you’re in a library or a bookshop maybe instinctively trying to find guidance and unexpectedly a publication will fly off drop and a ledge at your feet.

This is you may receive more signals and angels on the job trust in them.

They’re here to help us on life course