Deckstars Matt Colon Is The Reason Todays EDM Is So Good

You may not have heard of Deckstar, but you’ve probably heard them…

If you’re a fan of DJs, EDM, or good music in general, you’ve probably heard one of Deckstar‘s artists. There’s a good chance one of their artists is actually one of your favorite DJs/bands.

Deckstar is a management company, co-founded by the late DJ AM, who has not only helped launch several prominent DJ’s careers, but also helped shaped the face of today’s modern electronic dance music.

Matt Colon (along with Lawrence Vavra) helped build Deckstar into the powerhouse it is today. Just check out some of the artists they work with:

Those are some really big artists.

Yeah, they’re pretty awesome. And those are just a few of the artists they work with.

Deckstar is self-described on their site in a post by the late Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, saying:

“Deckstar is a brand, but it’s also a DJ and artist Management company that I am part of. In addition to representing me, Deckstar represents some of the biggest and most legendary DJs and artists in the world. Deckstar as a management company provides a service to all the DJs and artists represented there, giving guidance and structure to its clients to help them maintain longevity in a business that is very fickle. They handle all the bookings, touring and travel logistics, branding, marketing opportunities as well as press and promotion. They don’t just take anyone, you have to be great, owning your own style, knowing what your goals are and where you want to take your music to when it comes to the next level.”

While Deckstar and DJ AM really helped turn the masses onto the idea of EDM as pop (in a “it gets played on the radio now” way) it was Matt Colon and his friendship with Steve Aoki that paved the way for the today’s festival headlining DJs.

How about a little Aoki background music for the Matt/Steve origin story…

Matt and Steve started off as friends, but realized they could really benefit from working together. Talking to, Matt said:

“Mine is truly an L.A. story. I grew up here at what some would call an inner-city school. I opted to attend UCLA despite being accepted at a much more prestigious school, knowing that somehow my destiny did not reside on the East Coast. While in college, I found a passion for the entertainment industry through a variety of internships and ultimately landed a marketing job at a record label in the electronic/dance scene, which led to a marketing job with a dance music mag where I met with Steve Aoki, became his manager, and the rest is history.”

They’re best buds!

These guys (@steveaoki @vernetroyer) #MiniMeSelfie

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Matt knows a thing or two about being a manager.

What does Matt think is the most important skill a good manager can have? In an interview with Earmilk, he said:

“It’s a manager’s ability to think like an artist and translate their thoughts, ideas and goals into real world terms that everyone else can understand and vice versa. Mediating that relationship between the artist and everyone else is what separates the men from the boys in this career. As far as my own success, I’d like to think I have all of those skills but the truth is that I, like many other managers I know, always wanted to be an artist. However, I realized very early on that I wasn’t so much an artist as someone who can recognize great art. I just don’t have that level of creativity that true artists display. So I did the next best thing, surround myself with people who do.”

And that’s it right there. Matt is a self-made, entrepreneur with a seriously great taste in music.

But what does he think about the current state of the industry? Are we just in an EDM “bubble” at the moment?

“It’s definitely a bubble but that doesn’t mean it’s going to go away. The housing market was a bubble, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still buying houses. It’s just over inflated. The current rate of attendance and DJ fees can’t continue to grow forever. Eventually it will plateau but I do believe that dance music as we know it is FINALLY accepted as a commercially viable pop music art form. Moms, Dads, Grandparents and cousins now hear a dance song on the radio and know it is a pop song. Before it was just “techno.” We are where hip hop was in the 90s. Eventually the fervor dies down but that doesn’t mean that Eminem or Jay-Z can’t drop an album today and still dominate the charts. It will not always rule the kingdom but it now has a permanent seat at the king’s table.”

Couldn’t agree more. EDM has evolved and will continue to do so, and it’s great to know someone like Matt Colon is at the helm.

Can’t wait to see what other amazing artists he blows up next. Also, check him out on Twitter and Instagram!