This Website Tells You What Breed Of Dog You Would Be – And It’s Hilarious

If you couldn’t think of enough ways to procrastinate – let’s throw another one out there…;

The hilarious website: What-Dog.Net allows users to upload photos of themselves and their friends to determine what breed of dog you would be, as well as the characteristics of that particular breed. A fact we all desperately need to know, right?!

Well, if you’re a dog owner – you’ll have heard the notion that dogs and their owners look a like; so this would be hilarious to see if the breed of dog you have comes up in the generator! Plus, who doesn’t like looking at adorable pups on the internet?! That’s right, NO ONE!

So, if you want to get a feel of how it works, check out these celebrities and which dog breeds they would be…;

Kim Kardashian – Small, Cute, Preened To Perfection; Kimmy Is Definitely A Poodle!


Stephanie Davis – She Definitely Has A Strong Bark And A Thick Skin…;


Jeremy McConnell – If Steph’s Bae Is Anything Like A Doberman Pinscher, She’s Got Herself A Keeper…;


Taylor Swift – Down To Earth Tay Can’t Be A Pekingese…;


Harry Styles – Girls All Over The World Have Fallen For That ‘Intense Stare’ Of His…;


Kanye West – Gets Along With Everyone? Nope, This Has To Be A Mistake…;


Leonardo DiCaprio – We Can Definitely See Leo Being A Lab. I’m Sure He Owns At Least One Waterproof Jacket Too…;


Jason Derulo – Every Time I Hear ‘JAAAAASON DERUUUULOOOO’ I’ll Be Thinking Of Chihuahuas…;


You can’t say you’re not tempted to go on the website! They even have an app for iPhone and Android users – because everyone loves to procrastinate on their phones, right? We can’t wait to have a go…;