7 True Love Stories To Heal Your Heart

Love is the strongest force in The Universe. The energy true love promotes is beyond the limits of understanding, beyond explanation. Its the alpha and omega of our existence.

We see ourselves as Physical Beings, we measure our strength by physical factors which is just the tip of the iceberg. We measure scratches of what we should really measure.

We measure height, weight of an object forgetting about measuring the reason of why that object exists in the first place. We measure length, time forgetting to measure The Power of Our Will to endure all of that.

We beat ourselves for insignificant things instead for the ones that really matter. We lose ourselves in the abyss of insignificance forgetting about the potential power we have in our soul.

We wander around lost until we stumble upon people who dont give a damn about what the world thinks. They just care what their heart says.

When we stumble upon people like this and when we hear their stories we instantly remember who we are. How strong we are! How incredibly, unexplainably, infinitely and eternally powerful we can be!

We Should Thank These People because they are icons for love. They represent what true love is and they remind us what we are.

I have no greater respect than for individuals who understand what love really is. You have one giant Bravo from this Life Coach you Great Courageous Souls.

I present to you their true love stories to heal your heart and wake you up.

1. True Love is Eternal


No matter the circumstances, at the end of the day all we want to do is be with our loved ones. We can lie to ourselves all our life with pointless distractions but sooner or (too) later well realize what matters most in life.

2. True Love Doesnt Care About Space


True love doesnt care where you are, what you have or whats going to happen. All that True Love cares about is being together. All that we truly want is to be where our heart is, to be home.

3. True Love is Beyond Money


True love has no price. When we love someone truly we wont let money get in our way as what we can give is so much greater than all the money in the world. It is beyond that.

4. True Love is Timeless


To live a life beside your loved one is something indescribable. You will fight, you will cry, you will laugh together but At The End of The Day there is no place you would rather be than with them. Creating relationship beyond the Physical World. Thats winning.

5. True Love Waits


You cannot destroy True Love. No matter where you put people who truly love each other, no matter how long or far they are from each other, they will find a way. True Love is eternal and physical factors dont influence it.

6. True Love is Beyond Understanding


True love is not bounded by material things, by physical factors. True love is not bounded by logic. True love creates its own rules.

7. True Love Will Save Us All


We never know how much we influence people. We may not even realize how much a simple smile can change the world. Thats OK, we may never understand any of that. All we need to do is just love. Our love will create a better world. Our smile will create happiness. Thats all we need to do collectively to create a better. No Wars, Debates or Science are necessary.