15 Weird And Hilarious Body Myths People Admit To Believing As Kids

When we were children we were so gullible we would have believed just about anything and nothing proves this more than the following hilarious myths people thought were true as a child.

From babies breathing out of belly buttons to CD shaped poop – you won’t believe some of the weird, wacky and down right insane things people were led to believe when they were young.

Here are the most hilarious myths people have admitted to believing as children…;

Self-destruct button


“I used to think that belly buttons were self-destruct buttons. If you stick your finger in there, your innards would invert and everything would start spilling out. I didn’t clean my belly button for over 13 years because of that. Man, the stuff I dug out of there…;”

Submitted by Shaikha Nabeel Almulla, Facebook

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