10 Things You Need To Eliminate From Your Life Immediately


1. Negative people.

I think its important to keep people in your life who hold your feet to the fire and want to see you achieve your dreams and be the best person you can be. Theres a solid difference between those kinds of people and negative people. Negative people think youll fail because they dont trust you. Negative people dont even really want you to succeed.

2. Caring about your mistakes.

Learning from your mistakes is crucial for growing and preventing those mistakes in the future, but dont get hung up on it.

3. Worrying about the past.

Similar to caring about your mistakes, dont sweat the past. It happened. You cant go back in time.

4. Your self image.

I used to have real self image problems, but I didnt fix it by forcing a more positive image on myself. I just stopped having a self image. Its been incredible. I just dont care anymore. Leads to some interesting outfits, sure, but life is way more relaxed.

5. Feeling sorry.

If you find yourself apologizing over things you shouldnt be apologizing for, just knock it off. Youre brainwashing yourself into believing a false reality where youre always at fault. You arent. Quit with the sorry.

6. Saying yes.

If you dont want to. Dont be weak in the face of the hard ask. Just say no if you dont want to.

7. Trying to impress everyone.

Youre probably just fine how you are. No need to dress to impress.

8. Saying what people want to hear.

Hey, be honest. If you have something to say, say it. Theres no need to sugar coat your thoughts and feelings. Be out there, out loud, and real with people. Theyll respect you for it.

9. Your limiting beliefs.

One thing that tends to derail me is the belief that now isnt the right time. Now is now, and the best time to start anything you want to do is at this moment. Dont let core beliefs slow you down. Theyre here to lift you up, not hold you down.

10. Worrying about the future.

The future is coming one way or the other. Be ready for it, but dont spend your time in worry about it. It wont do you any good at all.