Stephen King’s

Are you surprised?

Are you surprised?

In a casting shocker, New Line has chosen We’re the Millers star Will Poulter to play Pennywise, the heinous beast who appears as a clown, in a theatrical version of Stephen King’s It.

Pennywise is a shape-shifter that takes the form of its victims most-ghastly fears, but is most often seen as a clown. If that weren’t bad enough, “It” preys on children… and by that I mean “It” murders them… and isn’t afraid to tear off their limbs just for kicks.

More positive publicity for Ringling Bros!

The plot revolves around a group of outcast kids who come together in an attempt to defeat “It.” (Spoiler alert: They don’t all survive.)

22-year-old Poulter is a surprise choice to play the clown, not only because of his young age, but also because fans aren’t used to seeing him play such an evil character. He’s a talented actor though and I’m sure he’ll be awesome.

The film will reportedly be released in two parts that span multiple years — but the plan is for Poulter to star in both.

Some versions of the novel clock in at over 1,000 pages, so splitting the movie up makes sense.

Check out the preview for the 1990 TV version below and let us know in the comments whether you think Poulter’s performance will measure up to Tim Curry’s.