If you haven’t heard of Suicide Squad yet, it isn’t just the nickname for when you and your friends go hard over the weekend. It’s an upcoming movie, set for August 2016, that stars a ton of villains from the Batman/DC Comics universe teaming up to cause ruckus. It follows and builds on the world created in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, to be released March 2016.

The cast is VERY impressive

The cast is VERY impressive

We here at FirstSlice have already broken down the cast for you. It features heavyweights like Will Smith and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, and is rounded out by many other actors in badass roles.

Most notably, the film also features Jared Leto as the Joker. The actors are currently on set in Toronto, actively filming, and leaks have already sprung out in the past.

Cinemablend and some enterprising Instagrammers gave us a look at a fight between the Joker and Harley earlier this month.

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Since Harley Quinn is in her normal person get up, not the Harley Quinn attire she has been sporting on other set days, many have speculated that the above might be from a flashback scene.

If that’s the case, part of this flashback was recently revaled to also include (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

Batman himself. While Ben Affleck (Batffleck, although I prefer Ben Atman) himself has not officially been spotted on the Suicide Squad set, the Batmobile was seen chasing Joker’s car through the blocked off streets of Toronto.

Check out the video below for a taste of the action!

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Here’s another look at Joker’s pink…Lamborghini?

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The Joker isn’t the most subtle supervillain. Green hair doesn’t exactly help you blend in with a crowd, but a shiny pink car that literally glows brightly certainly can’t be much of a strategic advantage.

That’s not too big a deal however, as the Instagrammer who captured the below points out, the Batmobile has to pretty much Tokyo drift every time it turns

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Here’s another angle of the Joker car, in slow motion thanks to the iPhone 6

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All these bits were filmed with stunt doubles, so none of the main actors were on set or driving for them. They do bring up questions, like will this entire sequence be a flashback, or will Batman play a central role in the Suicide Squad film?

Just Jared has some higher quality paparazzi shots if you want to speculate further. We’ll be looking forward to getting more information on the movie as it develops!

Header Photo: @Silentjae – Instagram