MILFs! 20 Of The Hottest Movie Moms!

The Quintessential Movie MILF

The Quintessential Movie MILF

Ever find yourself sitting around, wondering: “Who are the hottest MILFs in movies?

Well you’re in luck! The internet has done all that work for you!

You wouldn’t believe how many sexy mamas there are in movies… seriously, name as many in your head as you can right now. I’ll wait.

I didn’t wait. Anyway, sit back and relax with a sexy gallery of hot movie mamas:

Jennifer Coolidge – American Pie

Jennifer Coolidge - <em>American Pie</em><em></em>

Stiffler’s mom made everyone a bit stiffer. (See what I did there? I’m so sorry.)

Jane Seymour – Wedding Crashers

Jane Seymour - <em>Wedding Crashers</em><em></em><em></em>

She was great at making Owen Wilson uncomfortable, but also made our pants pretty uncomfortable too.

Julia Roberts – Erin Brockovich

Julia Roberts - <em>Erin Brockovich</em><em></em>

Sure, she’s crass, but that ass is all class. I dunno what that means, it just sounded good…

Vivica A. Fox – Independence Day

Vivica A. Fox - <em>Independence Day</em>

Here are two reasons why Will Smith risked his life to save the world.

Kim Basinger – 8 Mile

Kim Basinger - <em>8 Mile</em><em></em>

“Trailer trash” or not, she’s one smokin’ hot mama. So smokin’ hot her offspring spits pure fire. (In the lyrical sense.)

Heather Graham – The Hangover

Heather Graham - <em>The Hangover</em><em></em>

Stripper with a baby? Wife her up bro, she’s still a total smokeshow.

Diane Lane – Unfaithful

Diane Lane - <em>Unfaithful</em><em></em>

Sure, she’s a cheater, but you still wanna meet her and meat her.

Beyonce Knowles – Obsessed

Beyonc&eacute; Knowles - <em>Obsessed</em><em></em>

Fighting with a murderous stalker lady. Those are some sexy mom skills.

Maria Bello – A History of Violence

Maria Bello - <em>A History of Violence</em><em></em>

WHOA! Yeah, so uh, yeah… (self explanatory)

Beverly D’Angelo – Vacation

Beverly D

Who wouldn’t want to go on a Vacation with her?

Anjelica Huston – The Addams Family

Anjelica Huston - <em>The Addams Family</em><em></em>

Equal parts terrifying and sexy. A dangerously confusing combo.

Lea Thompson – Back To The Future

Lea Thompson - <em>Back To The Future</em><em></em>

Marty should’ve just let her have her way. She’s hot and the joke would be on her anyway. (Totally kidding, you sickos.)

Sandra Bullock – The Blindside

Sandra Bullock - <em>The Blindside</em><em></em>

That blonde hair just works for her. Wonder if it’s blonde everywhere…

Emma Thompson – Love Actually

Emma Thompson - <em>Love Actually</em><em></em>

She’s just so freakin’ adorable it’s hard not to be hard.

Sigourney Weaver – Alien: Resurrection

Sigourney Weaver - <em>Alien: Resurrection</em><em></em>

So what if she’s just a clone and is only mother to an Alien xenomorph via genetic manipulation. Still hot. Still counts.

Linda Hamilton – Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Linda Hamilton - <em>Terminator 2: Judgment Day</em><em></em>

Check out her guns! And her guns! I mean her arms. Not her arms her arms! Oh, forget it.

Frances McDormand – Fargo

Frances McDormand - <em>Fargo</em>

Who doesn’t love a woman (with child) in uniform?

Jamie Lee Curtis – True Lies

Jamie Lee Curtis - <em>True Lies</em><em></em>

Good god! More like Jamie Lee Squirtus amiright?

Uma Thurman – Kill Bill

Uma Thurman - <em>Kill Bill</em><em></em>

Spoiler alert?

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Junior

Arnold Schwarzenegger - <em>Junior</em>

What can I say, Arnie looks great in pink.