15 Hilarious Things We Did During Our MSN Days

If some serious nostalgia isn’t hitting you right now then you clearly aren’t keeping up with the times. MSN was one of the funniest, weirdest, most magical things to ever grace the internet and my god, we miss it!

You can’t deny that every day when you got home from school you’d be straight onto your computer and logging in with your horrendous email address. That’s when all of your dreams came true. Instant messages with your friends and a whole lot of hilarious memories that you still laugh about now.

Although the intentions of the site were good, a whole host of insane things would happen that Microsoft probably had no idea how to handle.

If you need to jog your memory – take a look at these hilarious things we all did on MSN…;

1. Seeing Your Crush Online And Waiting A Dreaded 15 Minutes Before Speaking To Them (And Secretly Wishing That They’d Message First)


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