25 Reasons to Fall in Love with Ana Cheri

We do not say this lightly, so pay attention. Ana Cheri is the most perfect person ever created. And, yes, we compared her to people like Einstein, he didn’t even come close. Cheri is the embodiment of the “girl next door,” if your idea of girl next door also includes being a gorgeous model.

Cheri is 27 and So-Cal through and through. Before she learned how to drive, she skateboarded everywhere, her favorite sport is football, she can go to town on some Hot Cheetos, and she grew up in a family of all boys. Which means, if you and her were in an arm wrestling match… we’d put our money on Cheri.

We know, you’re already in love. If you want to torture your poor heart further with unrequited love, join us, here are 25 gorgeous pictures of Ana Cheri.

Cue images of cartoon wolves drooling, with their eyes popping out. They should be howling as well.

Can we write in who should be the star of the remake of She’s All That? We think everyone can agree this would be perfect casting.

Cheri was probably in her element here. How much do you think she wanted to take one of these bikes home?

Ana Cheri is constantly battling between her girl side and her tomboy side. Here she is at a Strongest Man competition, possibly about to throw down.

Whenever you get upset at the world, look at this photo. True beauty is so real.

We wonder if anyone else has ever been jealous of a headphone cord before? This may be a first.

She admitted that she always wanted to be a model, but she didn’t really think it was possible for her when she was in high school. Uh, are you kidding, though? Are you being modest?

Everything is better down under. This picture needs to be on Australian post cards.

“Who’s your favorite football player?” Uh, you, obviously.

If this doesn’t motivate you to workout, you may be hopeless.

This outfit is #flawless. So is Ana. The instagram comments, however, or not…

We like to imagine that this is Cheri getting ready to go read to, and inspire, to people who live in nursing homes. That would certainly make us cling to this Earth for a little longer.

It’s really no wonder that companies are clambering to get Ana to rep their products. Look at her.

Harley Quinn? It’s okay if she’s a supervillian.

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight. Never running from a real fight! She is the one named Sailor Moon.

It doesn’t matter where exactly this photo was taken. It’s obvious it’s paradise.

Alpha Female with Fruit Loop panties and a cupboard stock full of healthy choices. What to believe?

Cue the theme song. Let’s make Ana the next Bond girl.

Girls that lift are #bae.

This world is a beautiful place. You’re welcome.

Rainbow bright!

Who doesn’t love a geek girl?

We would spend an entire paycheck on buying her drinks.

Why’s it look like Ana is about to drop the hottest R&B album of the ’90s?

Santa baby.