This Impression Of Robin Williams Will Melt Your Heart


Have a tissue box ready. I’m not kidding.

For all of us who grew up laughing to the diverse, hysterical characters of Robin Williams, we all know that you ain’t never had a friend like him. He could make you laugh, and he could make you cry just as hard, as he was both the physical embodiment of comedic and tragic catharsis.

Well now, you ain’t never seen an impression like this of the late comedian.

Not only does impressionist Jamie Costa already look like the Good Will Hunting actor, he sounds exactly like him. I can safely say that this might be the best impression I’ve ever heard.

What’s even more incredible about his impersonation is not only does Jamie manage to imitate Robin, he manages to mimic Robin doing another character, and another, and then somehow another.

Listening to Jamie is like scrolling through Mr. Williams’s IMDB.

As someone who felt a sense a great loss the day that Robin passed away, this somehow makes me miss him even more. Bravo, Jamie.