REVIEW: The Bellas Are Back For

When I saw the first Pitch Perfect, I was a plus one to a press screening, and my friend had to beg me to go with her. I don’t know why. I love musicals, Anna Kendrick, and writer Kay Cannon, who has written and produced my favorite shows, 30 Rock, and New Girl. I just wasn’t pumped for an all-girl power comedy centered on an alt girl who doesn’t want to go to college.

When I left the small screening room, I was buzzing. The movie was hilarious, the songs were unbelievably catchy, and the stars suddenly became my new favorite actresses. I saw it two more times in theaters, bought the DVD when it was released, and forced all my friends and family to watch it. I became a Pitch Perfect fan girl.

I came for the comedy, I stayed for the Bechloe.

So when Pitch Perfect 2 was announced, I was equal parts excited and nervous. My biggest movie pet peeve are unplanned sequels. Why tarnish something that was great with a sequel if the story is already wrapped up? Pitch Perfect has an incredibly dedicated fanbase. With our hopes this high, what could go wrong! Well, Pitch Perfect 2 could blow.

I walked into the ArcLight theater more anxious than I’d like to admit for a musical comedy. Because I really wanted to love it.

Pitch Perfect 2 starts off just as strongly as it’s prequel. We open with the Bella’s singing an incredible tune to the President, insane stunts that the previous movie’s budget couldn’t even comprehend, and a sight gag that will probably go down in the comedy history books.

Of course, the sight gag, which is shown in the trailer, of Fat Amy exposing her down under to the entire audience, results in disgrace and being barred from competing in nationals and ending their tour. Through a loophole, the Bellas find they can compete in Worlds, located in Copenhagen, to earn back their good name. Through the movie they face off against other acapella groups, including the main enemy, the German national winners, Das Sound Machine, the Treble Makers, and even the Green Bay Packers, who get to sing a beautiful rendition of “Bootylicious.”

PP2, which is producer Elizabeth Bank’s directorial debut, promised a good time, and that’s exactly what the audience will get. Even with newcomer to the Bellas, Hailee Steinfeld belting out Jessie J’s Flashlight, the rapid fire jokes, and constant musical interludes, it’s hard to miss the main point of the movie.

Women are flocking to the theater to see this movie for a girl’s night out, and they should. The film gives a huge voice to female friendships, and women who may have been left out of the “cool” table because of the way they look or act. The cast is diverse, with Rebel Wilson bringing the funniest jokes, Chrissie Fit checking our “first world problems” at the door, Hana Mae Lee continuing to offer insane quotables, and the enormously talented Ester Dean even speaks about it in the movie: “I’m black, gay and a woman.”

In fact, the movie is so female-focused that Becca’s, played by Anna Kendrick, love interest Jesse (Skylar Astin) appears for about five minutes in the film. Meanwhile, Chloe, played by Brittany Snow, gets a great amount of screen time, and there are numerous scenes where Becca and Chloe are baiting their shippers, probably the most dominant fanbase from the first movie.

Pitch Perfect 2 is bigger, faster, and holds it’s own against the greatness of it’s predecessor. The movie hits theaters May 15, 2015, and we say get your tickets now.

We give it 4 slices out of 5.