Here’s Where You’ll Find A New Indiana Jones-Themed Bar

An artist’s rendering of the new bar.

An artist

“Dad, I’m gonna hold my breath until you build me a super cool Indiana Jones-themed bar!!!”

Disney World

Yes, the Magic Kingdom is now officially the spoiled rich kid who has everything… including a bar devoted to the adventures of Indiana Jones. Luckily this particular privileged child likes to share, which is great news for tourists and those who live in the Orlando area.

Dubbed Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, the saloon is named after Indy’s faithful pilot. It will feature a lounge with aviation decor, such as propeller-based ceiling fans. There will also be vintage travel posters on the walls and a diving bell booth.

Indy fans will recall that Jock Lindsey had a pet snake name Reggie, who will reportedly be an important aspect of the tavern.

Wouldn’t it be cute if there was also a room where fans could procrastinate for years about making another Indy film?

The new watering hole will open this fall at Downtown Disney.

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