This Guy Got So Drunk He Accidentally Brought A Ticket To Brazil

We have all done something crazy, impulsive and slightly stupid while weve been drunk, but this guy took things to a whole new level.

Jamie Ather was on a wild night out in Glasgow when he thought it would be wise to book a 520 flight to Brazil.

The 24-year-old woke up to the startling realisation he had spent his hard earned cash on a jolly to South America.

Brazil trip

At first, he called the airline in a desperate attempt to get his money back but, as it turns out, there isnt a refund policy for drunken idiots.

However, rather than wallow in self-pity and regret, the bank worker decided to embrace the madness and ended up having the time of his life.

Jamie kept friends and family up to date with his travels, by uploading some seriously stunning snaps onto his Instagram account.

It is safe to say that they have made us all incredibly jealous!

brazil trip 3

While on his travels, he walked the Machu Pichu trail and partied in Rio de Janeiro.

But, he has openly admitted that his highlight of the trip was hanging out with sloths in the jungle.

He stayed at a sloth sanctuary for a few days and helped look after the little guys who had been rescued from the clutches of poachers.

brazil trip 6

For Jamie, this incredible trip wasnt just a holiday, it was also a massive confidence boost.

He said: Everyone who knows me knows that I was so nervous about going to South America on my own, so it has given me loads of confidence to have gone and actually had an amazing time.

It has really made me realise that you just need to take risks sometimes and get over your fear if you want to get the most from life.

Good for you Jamie, we wish we were as crazy and spontaneous as you!

brazil trip 5