Make Up Artist And Model Jazelle Morales’s 15 Steamiest Looks

Jazelle is a talented make up artists who has worked with some of the most important, and beautiful, people in Hollywood. But she doesn’t just limit herself behind the camera, applying perfect eyeliner and contouring the elite, she’s also an incredibly gorgeous model.

It’s no wonder her instagram has so many followers, we’ll give you a basic run down.

1. All black everything.

All black everything.

She pulls off this look flawlessly.

2. Nice necklace!

Nice necklace!

It really … accentuates her ensemble.

3. Poolside in Hawaii.

Poolside in Hawaii.

Can we go on vacation with you next time?

4. The thirst in these instagram comments…

The thirst in these instagram comments...

Is only half of what we wish we could say.

5. God bless America.

God bless America.

I love this land. *salutes*

6. Um, wow.

Um, wow.

This look is flawless. This picture is amazing.

7. Beach bae.

Beach bae.

Suns out, guns out?

8. Is it #WCW yet?

Is it #WCW yet?

We know who were going to post.

9. Like, how is this fair?

Like, how is this fair?

She’s only 5’2″ and she still looks like she could crush our hearts?

10. What a view…

What a view...

We wouldn’t be as confident as Jazelle in this ensemble so close to a window.

11. Perfection!


Everything is on point in this photo. Jazelle’s look is amazing.

12. Such an LA girl.

Such an LA girl.

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

13. Everything on fleek.

Everything on fleek.

Hair on fleek, make up on fleek, throwing shade on fleek.

14. Accurate!


Other awards include: best body, best smile, best model, etc, etc…

15. Imagine coming home to this though?

Imagine coming home to this though?

Even if you could come home to this, you’ll have to imagine it, because if she was there we’d never leave.