The Trailer For M. Night Shyamalan’s

Warning: This film might make you reconsider that visit you have planned with Grandma next month.


From the director who brought us such films as The Village and The Sixth Sense, The Visit is a new thriller that is supposed to chill us to the bone.

We all have or had sweet grandmothers, right? They baked us cookies as children and gave us sweet kisses. Usually, there was a bowl of random hard candies (Where do those strawberry candies come from?).

But Shyamalan‘s latest thriller will have you questioning everything grandma says and does….

The Visit is about two kids whose mother drops them off at their grandparents’ house for a long overdue visit. Mother then takes off on vacation, and the children are stuck – or rather trapped – at their grandparents house, growing more and more terrified as strange things begin to happen.

Don’t miss The Visit scheduled to show in theaters September 11, 2015.