Check Out 18 Of Tania Maria’s Sexiest & Most Glamorous Looks

It’s impossible to talk about beautiful fashion models without bringing up Tania Maria Quinones. Her looks are absolutely stunning, her pictures speak for themselves, especially her recent shoot with Playboy. She’s obviously a head turner. We’re sorry, that’s the understatement of the century. Tania Maria is a headsnapper.

But her skills go beyond just in front of a camera. Tania, who owns Tania Maria MUA, is also a skilled make up artists, and she’s easily one of the most in demand artists on the west coast. She’s worked with Hollywood’s hottest models, and most famous personalities, such as Lisa Raye McCoy of VH1‘s Single Ladies, Angela Robinson of Tyler Perry‘s The Haves and The Have Nots, and comedian Angela Johnson, just to name a few.

But she doesn’t just work with the rich and famous. She teaches make up classes, even some one-on-one, so women can learn how to do their makeup perfectly, brides seek her out to make their bridal party look flawless, and she offers advice on which hair and skin products are not only the best, but the healthiest option for you.

Tania Maria really does have it all, the brains, the talent, the passion, and of course, the beauty. Check out the gallery we’ve compiled of some of Tania Maria’s hottest pictures.

1. Ravishing in a romper!

Ravishing in a romper!

If we were an artists we would sculpt this image as a statue. We’d drop kick Michelangelo’s David right off his pedestal and put this up.

2. No filter necessary.

No filter necessary.

Tania is certainly ready for summer.

3. Behind the scenes at her Playboy shoot.

Behind the scenes at her <em>Playboy </em>shoot.

Thank you Playboy, for giving us these moments.

4. That eye shadow!

That eye shadow!

Make up is flawless. Everything is on fleek. She’s been serving looks since the day she was born.

5. Glamming it up.

Glamming it up.

This black and white photo just emphasizes Tania’s gorgeous features so well.

6. Are goats glamorous?!

Are goats glamorous?!

They are when you look like an actual Disney princess next to them!

7. Whoa. Fierce.

Whoa. Fierce.

If Tania wasn’t such a sweetheart… this look makes it look like she could destroy all who stand in her wake!

8. This is what Tania looks like on Date Night.

This is what Tania looks like on Date Night.

And yes, if you must know, of course we’re jealous of whoever the lucky beau is.

9. A girl’s best friend.

A girl

She doesn’t even have to be in a gown to be classy. Plus, that pup!

10. That dress is stunning.

That dress is stunning.

Of course, Tania could pull off anything.

11. Love the dark lipstick.

Love the dark lipstick.

Everything about this look makes us breathless.

12. Watch out J-Lo.

Watch out J-Lo.

The perfect smokey eye with the perfect dress.

13. Crazy night in Cancun?

Crazy night in Cancun?

If this was the last thing we saw before we died, we could die with a smile on our face.

14. Natural beauty.

Natural beauty.

Such a simple picture really makes you realize how beautiful Tania Maria truly is.

15. She’s perfection.


(1000 heart eyed emojis)

16. Two is better than one!

Two is better than one!

Having fun in Vegas with Jessica Burciaga!

17. Turn up together!

Turn up together!

Charm Killings came out to celebrate her b-day party.

18. The woman behind Draya’s look.

The woman behind Draya

Draya’s glame squad.