Wiz Khalifa Puts A Hilarious Spin On Adele’s ‘Hello’

Adele’s ‘Hello’ has easily been one of the biggest songs of the last year and it seems like it will go down in history as one of her best, most iconic songs.

Making her huge comeback with her album 25, Adele has gone on to break records and her fan base is growing more and more.

Whilst we are still not bored of hearing Adele’s jam blasting on the radio, rapper Wiz Khalifa has put a whole new spin on it and made it totally fresh again.

He recently appeared on the radio show ‘Power 106’ in Los Angeles and was asked by the presenter if he could write to any beat.

When saying he first has to feel a beat to know if he can write to it, the radio host Mister Caper played Adele’s ‘Hello’ to completely challenge the rapper.

We never thought we’d see the American singer singing Adele in our lifetime!

The result is epic; a freestyle mix up of Adele’s ‘Hello’ with spontaneous hip-hop lyrics.

Belting out ‘roll up one and lets get high’ Wiz lets you hear Adele’s hit song as you never thought you would.

After his freestyle success, Wiz decided to name his new tune ‘Hella Os’ just because he can!

Check out Wiz’s hilarious and amazing interpretation below that proves he really can write to any beat!