VITY’s Incredible Launch Party Had Tyga, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez & More!


This party was totally turnt up.

VITY had their star-studded launch party this past Saturday, and yes, if you spent the last weekend inside eating Ramen noodles, you WILL feel jealous. I’m of course talking about a friend, and not myself.

The night, co hosted by Jake Foushee & Ashley Fish, was pretty much the talk of Tinsel Town, a town notorious for its lack of tinsels for a town named after tinsels.

Forget Coachella! This night had a huge lineup of great performances! To start the night off, there were opening show-stopping numbers by Raja, Jeffrey Eli Miller, Karina, Mackenzie Bourg, Audri, and NF.

Yeah, you’re feeling a little left out right now. But guess what, the night kept getting better.

There were even MORE performances afoot! In fact, the stage was grace by none other than Round2Crew, Sammy and Skate followed by Jack & Jack, Kid Ink, and, of course, the grand finale with Tyga.

Forget the club going up on a Tuesday, VITY had the club going up on a Saturday.

Forget the club going up on a Tuesday, VITY had the club going up on a Saturday.

Here’s Tyga showing up on the event’s red carpet.


Tyga had the eye of… uh, well the Tyga during his incredible concert.

Of course, where’s there’s Tyga, there’s Kylie Jenner!

Not only was Kylie backstage during his performance, she was dancing with Tyga during Kid Ink’s set!

Here’s Kylie having so much fun with her besties!

They so beautiful ?’? #bestfriends

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But what’s a party without Jenny from the block? Why, no party at all, I tells ya!

That’s right, THE Jennifer Lopez decided to show up with her beau Caspar Smart. Yes, they were seen arriving totally making a hand sandwich. Yes, I am trademarking the term “hand sandwich.”

In addition, Meerkat live-streamed the event, which was hosted by the #MeerkatQueen herself Victoria Fratz.

Yes, Siren Studios basically became Meerkat Manor.

We over here at FirstSlice were delighted to be one of the event media partners of the VITY Launch Party. In addition, ticket sales benefited Model Citizen Fund, which was the night’s official charity.

Model Citizen Fund is all about giving out life-sustaining backpacks to those who need it, especially to victims of disaster and the homeless.

Watch the video (above) and get a taste of all the night’s revelries!