These 16 Facebook Shares Are So Awkward, You’ll Never Want To Sign In Again

Let’s face it. Our generation is obsessed with sharing everything in our lives. We’re now at the point of oversharing. Between status updating while giving birth and relationship status updates, posting on social media may have gotten to a point of no return.

Or has it?

Yes, yes it has. These 16 examples below prove my point better than you could ever imagine.

1. Oops.


2. Hmm. I have no idea.

Hmm. I have no idea.

3. Apparently, there’s a difference between a developing country and a continent.

Apparently, there

4. Ruh roh.

Ruh roh.

5. “Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn.”


6. Oh my.

Oh my.

7. At least she’s honest.

At least she

8. Oversharing to the Nth centimeter.

Oversharing to the Nth centimeter.

9. Please, please stop.

Please, please stop.

10. Sigh…


11. Love is a fickle thing.

Love is a fickle thing.

12. BOOM.


13. TMI!


14. Seriously? He did THAT?!

Seriously? He did THAT?!

15. BFFs.


16. 13 going on 30.

13 going on 30.

(via Guff)

Sadly, the world will be inherited by these people. But there’s still time for them to change! (I hope…)