The Adorable Moment A 2-Year Old Is Told She Doesnt Have A Boyfriend

This adorable video of 2 year old, Kennedy, has gone viral. The little girl is talking to her parents about her boyfriend Jared. When her dad tells her she cant have a boyfriend, Kennedy breaks down in tears. When her mother asks her whats wrong, Kennedy tells of her dilemma: Daddy says I dont have a boyfriend.

Her mother, Chelsea Kirkland told ABC News: Jared is her uncles roommate, he plays football in college, so we went to the game with my brother and she saw him there, so she informed us that he was her boyfriend. We thought it was so funny

Dad makes it worse by saying shes not allowed a boyfriend until shes 50. Kennedy starts crying again and to her mothers amusement, slaps her dad on the arm in frustration. Oh, just you wait until youre older Kennedy, this definitely isnt the last lecture youre going to get from your dad about boyfriends…