Reasons Why Ariana Grande Has Serious Manner Issues

In 2014, Ariana Grande went from being one of those cute girls on Nickelodeon to being one of the biggest stars on the planet. Along with that, though, came with her unprecedented diva personality. Sure, its only been a little over a year since she burst into the mainstream scene, so you could say that shes just getting used to all the attention. But still, shes been a star in her own way all her life, so you could argue that shes used to all of it by now. Then again, we can never be too sure about celebrities. That said, lets take a look at the many claims and the reasons why many people say that Ariana Grande has some serious manner issues.

1. Ariana The Snob


Rumors of Grandes diva behavior has been circulating around since she first burst into mainstream scene. But, it really caught fire when Grande allegedly snubbed a fan during a meet and greet. The details vary between the two parties, but it all boiled down to Ariana not wanting to have her picture taken by a fan. This escalated to the point that Ariana and one reporter had to give varying statements to dispute/prove all the rumors.

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