Hardcore Fan Of Australian Band Sneaks Backstage In The Best Way

We all love to go to a gig and see our favourite band perform.

But sometimes seeing their show is not quite enough.

We dream of hanging out with them backstage and want to know all the ins and outs.

And everyone knows the ”I’m a friend of the band’ line probably isn’t going to get you pass their bodyguards.

But one fan of the dance music duo Peking Duk wanted to outsmart security and get backstage.

And surprisingly he managed it!

But how did he manage to succeed in his plan to meet them?

Well, David Spargo attended the bands gig in Melbourne, Australia and managed to convince security he was a family member of one of the members.

Whilst at the gig, Spargo edited the band’s Wikipedia page and listed himself as a relation.

He used this evidence along with his ID to present to the bouncer.

This genuis plan worked, and the bodyguard allowed him backstage to where the band were hanging out in their dressing room.

Even better, instead of being annoyed and kicking him out, Peking Duk found the whole thing hilarious!

Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles who make up the dance duo were impressed by Spargo’s efforts.

They even uploaded a picture of the fan’s Wikipedia edit and expressed how amazing they thought it was.

The three then hung out with a few beers after the show!

If we’ve learnt one thing from all this…;

Never trust Wikipedia!