Did You Know That These Celebrities Were Suffering From Chronic Illnesses?

Money and fame can buy you almost everything youd want in the world. But, I said almost for a reason, because health isnt one of them. Sure, money can buy you a personal trainer and your own personal gym. Though, that doesnt always mean that youll be healthy at all times. Fact is, certain illnesses dont discriminate between the rich and the poor. Some of these may be a bit common, while others may be so rare that youve never heard of them. And, while theyre different, one thing that theyve got in common is that they inflict anyone. As said previously, they dont discriminate and this includes celebrities, people we love and adore. Believe it or not, a few famous celebrities suffer from chronic illnesses that have no chance of being cured. They serve as an inspiration, though, as they all do their best to fight on, live and inspire others.

1. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis


Diagnosed back in 2011, Kim Kardashian suffers from life-long psoriasis. Such a shame, really, as its only manageable but not curable.

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