The Weirdest and Most Embarrassing Celebrity Selfies Ever


Celebrity selfies are almost always epic. After all, being one of the most beautiful and talented people around, its not hard to look good in front of the camera. But, there are times where some celebrities just take the worst selfies ever. They make ugly, weird or awkward, or just plain bizarre in these selfies. And, sometimes, they may even look like theyre not themselves. To put it simply, some celebrities do the exact opposite of what they should be doing. As a result? These celebrities become famous for all the wrong ways. I know, its just a selfie, but sometimes when youre famous, everything you do always have amplified results or consequences. In the list below, youll find out which celebrities made the list of having taken some of the worst celebrity selfies ever posted online!

1. Kim Kardashian


Kim loves being in the spotlight so much that she has sunburns from being in it for too long. Seriously though, I wonder what was going on in her mind when she posted this selfie of her. Hmm.

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