Mashd N Kutcher Can Turn Anything Into A Song… And Make It GOOD

Mashd N Kutcher. A group name that is uproarious. Two gifted music makers. Buddies who turn it into excellent music and try arbitrary information.

They are several matters that are equally amazing.

Mashd is a rare case of a group that is as amusing as they can be gifted. Both of these Aussie gents gained recognition not only for his or her music, but for the fact they can try anything and turn it into a dance track that was catchy.

Consider this for example:

Trying plane sounds:

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See? That is what happens when you get creative with the arbitrary sounds around you.

The results are not always simply a track that is trendy also, occasionally, it is quite hilarious the entire tune comes

Consider all these for example:

Trying a video game/mad gamer roommate:

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Trying the pizza man/collaborating with him:

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Trying Mario Kart (the greatest game ever):

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Sampling arbitrary individuals and one just happens to have amazing singing voice:

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Certainly, these men have abilities.

They finally signed a record deal with Warner Music and released a single called Do It Now. The track reached gold status. And no one was surprised.

Follow them on Facebook, listen to them on Soundcloud and love the video below:

Add a touch of production value and you get this:

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