Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Satellite Data Released


More than two months after relatives of passengers requested that it be made public, data from communications between satellites and missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was released on Tuesday.

Criticism has quickly emerged about the data. It is said that the information lacks elements that would help outside experts put the official version of events to the test.

A 47-page document containing hundreds of lines of communication logs between the jetliner and the British company Inmarsats satellite system was published by Malaysian authorities.

The notes at the beginning of the document say that the information provided isnt the whole picture but is intended to provide a readable summary of the data communication logs.

A team of experts from all over the world used the satellite data and other information to conclude that the aircraft ended up in a remote area of the southern Indian Ocean.

Many of the passengers families were unsatisfied by the official explanation of the planes fate and want an independent analysis conducted. Unfortunately, this could take some time. Michael Exner, one of the experts, said that a very preliminary review suggested that there were gaps in the notes explaining the data.

The explanatory notes at the start of the document answer a few of the questions we have had, but leave many questions unanswered, he said.

Inmarsat CEO Rupert Pearce acknowledged Tuesday that the company didnt release the model to which it applied the data to estimate the planes path and said the decision on whether to release the model lies with the Malaysian government, which is leading the search.

Wed be perfectly happy to put that model out, Pearce said.

But Pearce also said that the released data is enough along with engine and radar data for experienced third parties to plug into their own models and reach their own conclusions.

One of the passengers onboard Flight 370s surviving partner, Sarah Bajc, said she was annoyed that Inmarsat and Malaysian authorities hadnt released everything they used to reach their conclusions. I see no reason for them to have massaged this before giving it to us, she said.