Guess Which Former

Now you can have a nice tomorrow.

You can now always have a pleasant tomorrow.

Dwell from your own family room, it is you playing with SNL action figures!

Well, ones depicting Tina Fey and Amy Poehler anyhow — but who’d need playthings of anyone else?

The figures are created by toy company Bif Bang Pow and will first be accessible at San Diego’s Comic-Con this July. Yet, just a small amount of 2,400 sets are being created.

The $29.99 sales cost comprises one Tina and one Amy wearing their typical news anchor suits. And yes, Tina is sporting her trademark glasses. Additionally included is a fold out Weekend Update news desk you could put Tina & Amy behind each Saturday night… and pretend the present anchormen do not suck.

Each plastic figure measures 3.5 inches tall, which is the perfect size to do a whole lot of extremely improper things with them. You know, like have them something or catfight. Wait, what did you think I meant?

You can preorder your own Amy & Tina place by clicking here.