Diva Baby Will Only Stop Crying When Her Favourite Song Is Playing

What happens when your adorable angel suddenly turns into an inconsolable little devil? You try as hard as you can to stop the crying but its no use. The people around you are giving you the stink eye and you can do nothing to stop it. Well, it seems there may be a solution…



A YouTube video has emerged of the cutest little girl having a diva strop on her sofa. Her mom then whacks out her phone and starts playing the country artist, Luke Bryans, Play It Again. After a few seconds the crying stops and the baby stares intently at the phone and really seems to connect with the song. Well then, that mom has definitely cracked the code.

The video has already racked up over 43,000 views and is definitely set to go viral.

So Moms and Dads, Im sure youll be keen to find your little ones favourite song to get them to sleep at night. Lets just hope its not Pitbull or Skrillex, because that would make things a whole lot worse…