Bardem denies anti-Semite label


Academy Award winning performers, Javier Bardem Penelope Cruz and numerous other artists, performers and musicians in his native Spain, added their signatures denouncing Israels strategies of genocide and state terrorism against the Palestinians. The letter appealed for an immediate ceasefire. A backlash of social media followed accusing them of anti Semitism. Bardem clarified that he decried the destruction and hate created by the clash in Gaza but said he and his wife have empathy due to their losses and great admiration for the Israelis.

Bardem states that the plea for peace was the goal of his participation in the letter. He continued by saying that he was brought up to be a non-violent person and that no political agenda may possibly justify the enormity of anguish incurred by both parties. The security and human rights of both Palestinians and the Israelis should be recognized and dignified. Bardem supported the intervention of authorities that are international in deescalating the imbroglio, quoting Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary, in the name of mankind, the violence must quit.