9 Secrets Celebs Are Desperately Trying To Hide From You

Secret lives of stars have been a popular issue around Hollywood, and the more close their behavior becomes, the bigger the media circus that it is going to create. Although some are just INSANE, serving to remind us of the disruptive past some of the most famous people on earth have had some of the secrets are just caused by bad luck.

From family play to being at the wrong spot at the wrong time, and arbitrary acts of violence, the secrets these stars are attempting to conceal are as hot as they get. Following is a listing of the most shocking and horrific life experiences of our precious stars.

Charlize Therons Mom Killed Her Dad


Charlize Theron grew up in South Africa, when she watched her mother Gerda fatally shooting her dad Charles and she was just 15 years old. Charles Theron was an abusive dad and husband who’d mistreated his family. The deadly event happened in 1991 when Gerdas life, and feeling like she didnt have a pick, she shot him dead was really endangered by Charles.

Charlize Theron and her mom Gerda

Given the conditions of their family history, the event and Charles drinking issue, it was ruled that Gerda acted in self defense. Unsurprisingly, Charlize talked relating to this event once, and doesnt like to discuss her familys past. Some things are just better left unaffected, although the lives of stars are exposed they are left for everyone to judge.


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