25 TGIF Gifs To Get You Excited For The Weekend

Friday is arguably the greatest day of the week because a) it signifies the beginning of the weekend and b) it is possible to use the phrase TGIF on every social media outlet to let everyone know how much you adore this glorious day.

The clock is ticking closer to closing time and you might be itching to kick away your weekend in style.

Whether you’re jetting off on a romantic mini break, going out and getting drunk, or simply staying in and having a well earned relax, something is for sure, you’ll be work for another two days.

Here are a few gifs that sum up that Friday feeling that is perfect.

They will get you even more excited for that 5 oclock finish and are hilarious.

Thats right, its time to swing your hands in the air like you just dont care

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