You Won’t Believe How Good Rick Ross Looks – Or Who He’s Hanging Out With!

As it is possible to see rapper Rick Ross is doing CrossFit for over a year, and contains completely transformed his body.

Rapper Rick Ross has been doing CrossFit for more than a year, and has totally transformed his body, as you can see.

Ummm… Ross, is that you?

After enduring two seizures in one day back in 2011 Ross determined to manage his health.

The seizures left him unconscious, and CPR was needed to revive him.

Ross does not have a weight loss target that is particular, but he’s undoubtedly proud of his advancement.

And we’re, also.

What exactly does one do when you look and feel wonderful? Hang out at the studio with Bill Murray

So what do you do when you look and feel awesome? Hang out at the studio with Bill Murray

Rick Ross and Bill Murray ended up crossing routes when they both attended the Rhode Island vs. La Salle basketball game in Philadelphia back in April.

After the Rhode Island Rams’ triumph, the two determined to not allow the night end. Somehow, they both ended up at the studio together…

To get what we suppose must be magic.

That Is Everything.

This Is Everything.

You are looking great, Rick Ross. And we should hang out with you, also.