This Poor Farmers Son Was Able To Graduate From College. But Nothing Can Prepare You For The Truth Behind It

Some people lose heart readily, and believe that life is not fair and that we’re burdened with a lot of issues. Have more positivity in life and we tend not to think of those people that are in more serious trouble but continue to strive harder. I’m certain many of you’ve seen this photo several months backbut do you understand the story behind it?

Regardless of what part of the world you analyze, there’ll be kids and parents there sharing bonds of admiration and love. This picture in particular surfaced warming the hearts of thousands online. Although there isnt much info online relating to this photo, you wont have to understand the complete storyline to truly feel the emotions behind it. Based on a Thai newsgroup and Reddit, this is an image of a son with his poor farmer dad after eventually graduating from school. The juxtaposition of dad and the son is shocking, but also reaching.


The dad lost his wife. He spent every day of his life working hard to support his son.



As his dad seemed dirty and uncared for, some were fast to ridicule the pupil. But what their narrative must bring immediately touched the hearts of many. That is the narrative of Pao Choua:

This short film tells a narrative which is etched in our hearts to us. It’s about the love of a father for his sonand love and the unwavering devotion of a son for his dad. It’s a bond that can never be broken, despite the many weights they’ve experienced within their lives. Pao Chouas dad is a poor farmer who, despite having to eat practically nothing at all, fought to make his son study. Pao Choua on the other hand, understands the money his dad makes is insufficient for his studies, and so he became a pupil that is working, despite the fact that it meant that he had to stay from his dad for quite sometime. Working and analyzing is a mix that is very difficult as many folks understand.
But did all this stop Pao Choua from examining? No. As a matter of fact, his poverty stricken life has driven him to study and get a degree in school. Now, it’s his turn to look after his dad.

Reddit via Pantip