This Dad Is Tired Of His Daughter Being On The Phone. What He Does Next Is Hilarious

That is the second a father decides to throw a lizard at her and decides to take actions for being on the telephone to much.

Yes thats right he simply thrown it and picked up an unsuspecting lizard.

In the video a young teen girl is visible on the telephone chatting when the reptile that was unsuspecting lands in her lap.

As the lizard scampers down in the seat the the girl, who’s regarded as Brazilian, is clearly shocked and can be seen attempting to escape from your pesky pest.

She clambers up from her seat but her telephone continues to be attached making her getaway impossible.

The ending of the 14 second clip sees the daughter get security in another room from her father and the lounge lizard.

Since the video was uploaded to by the unafraid dad it’s been seen a huge 50,000 times in less than 24 hours.

So the lesson is when youre father says get the telephone off and you dont -prepare to have a reptile